Student Handbook

6.07 Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct in Residence Halls

Please contact your HD or RA immediately, if you know of rules being violated.


We welcome your advertisement, but require that you obtain an “OK to POST” from the Residence Life Office. Signs cannot be posted on glass or painted surfaces and painter’s tape must be used.


Riding bicycles is not allowed inside the building. Bikes can be stored inside hall rooms or on bike racks located around campus but cannot be secured by college.


All residence hall rooms have been pre-wired for high-speed internet. The charge has been incorporated into your room payment. 

Check-In/Check-Out Procedure

All residents desiring to check-in, check-out or change rooms, must contact the Residence Life Office before moving any items out of or into a room. Each resident will be assigned an approved room. Before moving into any room the resident will complete the Room Condition Report to document any pre-existing damages in the room assigned. All conditions of the room that show wear or damage should be noted on the Room Condition Report. Failure to complete this step will result in the resident assuming all pre-existing damages.


Co-habitation, defined as an emotionally and/or a physically intimate relationship conducted in a common living space, is not allowed in any of the residence halls.


You are allowed to decorate your room under certain conditions. Tacks, nails, screws, double side stick tape, and glues are not permitted. Painting of room is also not permitted. Empty alcohol and tobacco containers (boxes, bottles, cans, etc.) may not be used for decorations. Violation of this procedure will result in substance abuse sanctions and probation. Nothing can be fastened to the ceiling as it is a fire hazard and is against fire codes for the buildings. If you damage a wall decorating you will be assessed that damage towards your damage deposit.

Diesel Pick-Ups

Students with Diesel pick-ups are not allowed to plug into residence hall buildings or run extension cords from their hall or room. There are plugs for your pickups provided on campus at certain locations. Contact your hall director or the housing office for more information.

Electrical Appliances

Personally owned cooking, heating and air conditioning equipment are not permitted in residence halls. Any such equipment found may be confiscated. This includes but is not limited to electric skillets, Foreman grills, hot plates, open burners, pressure cookers, air-fryers, full-size refrigerators and standard size microwaves. Dorm size microwaves (700 watts or less) and refrigerators (4 cubic ft. or less) are permitted. If you choose to have electrical appliances, a surge protector must be used. No more than ONE refrigerator or microwave may be used in a resident’s room. Extension cords may not be used to operate these appliances.

Fire Alarm / Fire Extinguishers

Tampering with fire alarm boxes, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and cabinets, pull stations, fire sprinklers, or any fire safety equipment is a violation of the college’s residence halls rules/residence hall student code of conduct. Residents are required to exit the building when the Fire Alarm sounds. Failure to exit the building will result in a $50.00 fine.


Projectile firing weapons of any type are not allowed in the residence halls for any reason. Possession and/or discharge will result in action and possible suspension or eviction. This includes paintball guns, pellet guns, air-soft guns, etc.


Furniture and equipment are not to be taken from public areas and/or private rooms for use in assigned rooms or outside of the residence hall. Residents are responsible for all furniture in their assigned room. Only college supplied bunk beds, beds, and lofts are permitted. Destruction of college furniture is not tolerated. In any situation where you are requesting a different bed, you must have permission from your hall director. The hall director will then submit a work order to have the bed moved. Residents desiring to create a loft in their individual rooms are to be in compliance with the Colorado Department of Health sanitary standards and regulation for public accommodations effective April 15, 1971. Single beds shall be spaced not closer than 36 inches laterally or end to end and double deck facilities shall be spaced not less than 60 inches laterally or end to end. There shall be a clearing space of at least 27 inches between the mattresses of a double bunk…for fire and personal reasons, nothing is allowed to cover, hang down, or block the view underneath a loft or top bunked bed (i.e., blankets, sheets, tapestries, banners, etc.).


Residents are directly responsible for cleaning their own room. Custodial staff maintains the common areas only. You are expected to show respect for your custodian by cleaning up after yourself, not littering, and disposing of all trash in the appropriate place.


Washers and dryers are available for resident use only. Do not leave your clothes unattended. The college is not responsible for lost or damaged items. Immediately report any malfunction of the laundry machines to your HD. Any guests found utilizing NJC laundry services will be banned from all Northeastern Residence Halls.


For safety reasons, individuals are not allowed on ledges or roofs at any time. Violators may be suspended or evicted.


Dropping, discarding, throwing, or otherwise disposing of bottles, cans, food, or refuse of any kind in the residence halls or on the grounds of college property except in receptacles provided for that purpose is prohibited.


Lounges are available for study and social purposes. Individual floors and Residence Life staff may develop specific guidelines. Any requests by outside groups to use a residence hall lounge must be approved by the HD in advance.


You are provided with your own mailbox, located in the lobby of each residence hall. Mail is delivered Monday – Friday. If you receive a package larger than your mailbox, an email will be delivered to your Northeastern issued student email account. To receive your package, take your ID to the Mail Room located in Walker Hall.


Dowis Address

Dowis Hall
Your Name
(Room #) Dowis Hall
145 College Avenue
Sterling, CO 80751

Herboldsheimer Address

Herboldsheimer Hall
Your Name
(Room #) Herbie Hall
147 College Avenue
Sterling, CO 80751

Blue Spruce Address

Blue Spruce Hall
Your Name
(Room #) Blue Spruce Hall
143 College Avenue 
Sterling, CO 80751

Poole Address

Poole Hall
Your Name
(Room #) Poole Hall
629 Landrum Lane
Sterling, CO 80751

WGRB Address

WGRB Complex
Your Name
(Room #) WGRB
619 Landrum Lane
Sterling, CO 80751

When you move out of the residence halls, be sure to contact friends, relatives, banks, credit card companies, cell phone providers, etc. to change your address. DO NOT SUBMIT A CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM TO THE US POST OFFICE as NJC is considered their forwarding agent. Mail will be forwarded to the forwarding address on your Room Condition Report for the first two weeks after school has ended after which time all mail will be returned to sender.  Magazines which arrive at NJC in the summer will NOT be forwarded. 


Repairs and maintenance needs should be reported to either your RA or RHD immediately. Repairs that are more than normal wear and tear will be billed to the individual residents contracted to the room unless otherwise noted.

Age Criteria

Northeastern provides housing for students in the range of 17 to 25 years of age. All other requests require a petition to the Director of Residence Life of the Vice President of Student Services. 

Motor Vehicle Registration

Students who plan to park on campus MUST register all vehicles, including trailers, with the College.

Open Flames, Space Heaters, Gas Burners, and Coils

Open Flames, space heaters, gas burners, and coils are prohibited in residence halls due to fire hazard. This includes, but not limited to, Incense, candles, space heaters, candle warmers, and toasters. Coffee makers with automatic shut off are allowed.


Pets are not allowed in residence halls. This includes fish and reptiles. See 3.01 for comprehensive animal and pet policy.


Pranks such as water fights, jamming doors to students’ rooms, tying room doors to one another, or any other unwelcome activity that is disruptive, annoying, presents a fire hazard, or damages property are prohibited in the residence halls. Such activity will be subject to disciplinary procedures and/or fines.

Quiet Hours

To ensure an academic atmosphere, residents must limit all noise to their room during quiet hours as posted. Courtesy Hours (24 hours/day, seven days a week) require all residents to limit any noise when asked by another resident, Resident Assistant or Resident Hall Director. Please maintain a reasonable level of quiet at all times.

Recreation Areas

Northeastern has wonderful open spaces that allow you to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. However, due to sprinkler-heads and permanent obstacles in the ground, some areas are off-limits and should not be used. Areas that are available include: the lawn north of Herbie Hall, the lawn adjacent to Poole Hall, and the sand volleyball court behind Herbie Hall.

Room Changes

Room changes are only granted with written authorization of the Residence Life Office. If a resident moves into a hall that is more expensive, the resident is responsible for paying the increased cost. If a resident moves into a hall that is less expensive, the resident will pay the fee of the originally assigned hall. Unauthorized room or hall changes will result in a $40 assessment. No moves are allowed the first two weeks of the semester without permission from the Director of Residence Life/Student Activities. Residents may make two room changes in a semester. All changes must be approved by the Residence Life Office staff.

Room Consolidation

Residents who find themselves without a roommate have three choices: 1) elect to contract for the present accommodations for the remainder of that semester and pay the single room rate; 2) consolidate with another resident of their own choosing; or 3) consolidate with a roommate chosen by the Residence Life staff. These choices will be made within one week of notification. If the Residence Life Office does not hear from the student within a week of notification, the single room rate will automatically be applied to the student's account. 

Room & Public Area Damage Charges

The deposit that residents pay is a damage deposit to cover excessive damages and unusual wear and tear to rooms and public areas in the residence halls. The resident agrees to pay for any damage to residence hall rooms and buildings caused by said resident or their guests due to negligent actions. In the instance where two or more residents occupy the same room, and no one resident accepts responsibility for the damage, damage fees will be assessed to all occupants of the room. Damage that occurs on a specific floor and cannot be attributed to an individual or individuals will be prorated to all residents living on the floor where the damage occurred. Damage that occurs in public areas that cannot be attributed to an individual or individuals, will be prorated between all residents of the residence hall. If there are damage charges, the charges will be deducted from the resident’s deposit. If the damage charges are in excess of the deposit, a bill will be issued for the amount in excess of the deposit. Where the damage charges are not in excess of the deposit, a refund of the deposit will be processed back to the resident.

Showers & Bathroom Facilities

Unauthorized persons entering shower areas and restroom facilities, which are designated for use by the opposite sex is prohibited.


The college prohibits soliciting, selling and distribution of samples/pamphlets in the residence halls by non-student organizations. This includes placing flyers under doors. Soliciting by authorized representatives is only permitted provided they have secured the written approval of the Hall Director or the Director of Housing. If you discover a solicitor in the residence halls, please report them to the Hall Director immediately.


Unfortunately, there is no storage available on-campus. However, you should check the phonebook for a local storage facility.

Unclaimed Personal Property

The college and the Department of Resident Life shall, without liability, have the right to dispose of any personal property left on the premises 30 calendar days after the end of the Residence Hall Contract term or termination of the Contract. The Department of Residence Life, the College, and their respective officers, employees and agents shall not be held responsible for loss, damage, or theft of the property.


Vending machines are located in each hall. Immediately report any malfunction of the vending machines to your Hall Director.


Vacuums are available for your use. Contact your RA to find the vacuum for your floor. Lost, broken, or missing vacuums will be replaced at the expense of the residents on the floor from which the vacuum was broken or lost.

Visitors/Overnight Guests

Visitation in the Residence Halls is permitted from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, unless otherwise stated by your Hall Staff. Visitors will be required to check in with the residence life office and/or staff. Overnight guests require authorization from the hall director. The overnight guest registration form can be found and filled out on the Housing Portal. Guests must be considerate of roommates and neighbors and must abide by the student code of conduct. If your roommate objects to a guest, other provisions must be made. Visitors must be at least 18 years of age. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the hall director. Guests must be accompanied by a resident of that particular building at all times. Visitors will be required to check-in at the Front Desk and show an approved form of ID (Northeastern student ID, valid driver’s license, state issued picture ID, or current military ID). Visitors will be required to checkout when leaving the residence hall. The resident is responsible for the actions and conduct of their guest. Overnight guests are permitted to stay no more than three nights a week.


Screens must be left on at all times. Residents are not allowed on ledges or roof at any time. Windows are not to be used as a means of entering or leaving rooms. Items may not enter or leave the room through windows. Window and window openings may not be altered.