Sydney Crites

Brighton, CO
High School
Erie High School

Why did you choose Northeastern?

I chose Northeastern, because I knew I could get my general credits out of the way with low cost.  I also choose Northeastern for athletics and opportunities.  I know I would get more playing time if I went to a two year college vs a four year, and have that much more experience when I transfer.  The small school environment allows for close relationships with everyone on campus, and great opportunities.

What do you like about your area of study?

I like how I am able to push myself academically.  I always push hard in anything I do, and is especially prevalent in sports, but with my degree, also in school.  I love that I enjoy the classes I take, even though others would hate my schedule.  I love the teachers, and how they are all so willing to really help you succeed.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation at Northeastern, I plan to transfer to a four year school to get my bachelors in chemical engineering.  Ideally I would like to minor in explosives, and ultimately get a job in pharmaceuticals.

What inspires you?

My faith inspires me.  I am blown away at how much I am blessed daily.  I am also inspired by pushing myself.  The saying, "the sky is the limit," is so true.  If you put your mind to something you want to do, you can accomplish anything.  I would have never thought I would be playing volleyball on a nationally ranked team, be a team captain, be the first vice president of the school, and all the while working on getting my degree in chemical engineering.  I am a first generation student with high aspirations to make a difference.  My parents always raised me to work for what you earn.  That has been the best lesson I could learn.  I don't take things for granted, I push myself, and I appreciate where I have come, and where I will go.

What is your favorite memory at Northeastern?

My favorite memory at Northeastern is the day before we left for spring break, when we didn't come back because of COVID, a couple friends and I stayed up until 2 a.m. to say "hi" to our baseball friends.  They were on an Arizona trip, so we hadn't seen them for about a week, but they ended up coming home early because their games got canceled.  They came back, and we ended up hanging out for a bit and then finished our last day together, with all the intentions to come back in two weeks.  The many late night you spend with friends is worth the loss of sleep. The relationships you make are lifetime friends.



Sydney Crites

I would have never thought I would be playing volleyball on a nationally ranked team.