Alaina Lueth

Wray, CO
High School
Wray High School

Why did you choose Northeastern?

Northeastern is in the same town I live in. It's close, convenient and it can help me with a lot of my career goals.

What do you like about your area of study?

I want my doctorate in Physical Therapy. These classes will prepare me for the doctorate program that I will move into.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

I will need to transfer to a larger school that provides me with the rest of my education. If they will allow me to take some classes here to work on their credits at Northeastern, then I will do so.

What inspires you?

My husband and my children inspire me every day. I am also self-driven, so family support means a lot to me.

What is your favorite awkward moment at Northeastern?

I enjoy the classes, students and instructors that I have had so far. The only awkward situation was when my doctor upped my medication and it made me ditzy for a whole week. At least we all laughed about it.

Alaina Lueth

NJC is convenient and can help me with my career goals.