Elliott Cotton, England

Hampshire, England

Where are you from?

Hampshire, England

What is your city/town known for? Is it different from Sterling?

I live in a small village called Passfield and it has under 1,000 people. It's in the countryside and is very different from Sterling.

If we could visit one place in your country, where would it be and why?

I would recommend London as it is famously touristy and there is a lot to do there. I would also recommend somewhere in the south to see the countryside.

Did you always know you wanted to study in the U.S.?

Studying in the States only came to my attention about 3 years ago, but living in the States is always something I have wanted to do.

What were you excited or nervous about before you left?

I was excited to start the next part of my life and make the step of moving away from home. I was only nervous about leaving friends and family.

Have you had any memorable moments at NJC?

No one moment stands out but I have enjoyed meeting new people from so many different places in the world. I have made very close friends and met my girlfriend here which have all become very important to me.

What advice would you give another student thinking of studying in the U.S.?

Believe in yourself and have confidence that what you are doing is worthwhile. And to enjoy every moment because the time in college won't compare to anything else!

Photo of Elliott Cotton, from England

As a student, I have loved how much the teachers care about you. They want you to succeed in whatever you want to do and are always willing to help. It makes it much easier to cope with change and classes that aren't your strong suit.