Nolan White

Yuma, CO
High School
Yuma High School
NJC Program

Why did you choose and/or what do you like about Northeastern? Why?

There are many reasons why I chose NJC and why I like it here, but I do have a few defining aspects that make it special.  NJC has helped me obtain my GED through their Adult Education Program, and from there has only pushed me further to continue my education.  The people at NJC strive for the success of their students and give every opportunity for them to succeed, never doubting them or leaving them behind.

What do you like about your area of study? Why?

My area of study is Welding Technology, and what I like about it is how Jason Hill has the lab set up in a way similar to a place of work.  We come in knowing what we need to do for the day and that we have a set of standards we need to maintain.  I like his class because of the fact he prepares us for the workforce and helps give us the job mentality for when we graduate.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

My plan for after graduation is to continue my education at Weber State University in hopes of pursuing a Bachelors degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology with an emphasis in Welding.

What Inspires you?

What inspires me most is knowing that my family is behind me all the way no matter what I may come across.

What is your favorite memory or awkward moment at Northeastern?

It is really hard to choose one favorite memory from the time that I have been here.  As a whole I would have to say it is the friendships that I have created here and finding who I am as a person.  I have enjoyed my time here at NJC and all I have to say is Thank You!

Nolan White

NJC helped me obtain my GED and from there has only pushed me further to continue my education.