Devon Keyes

NJC Program

Why did you choose and/or what did you like about Northeastern?

I chose Northeastern because of the wrestling team; the coaches were awesome. They had a wrestling team and a Fire Science Program and I was looking for both. Also, the opportunity to interact with the local fire department was really important.

What did you like about the Fire and EMS Program at NJC?

The chance to interact with the actual firefighters from Sterling Fire Department (SFD), as your instructors. If you decide to volunteer or do an internship with SFD, you already know them. Being able to have a relationship with the firefighter’s who are teaching NJC’s classes is really valuable.

What was your most memorable moment at NJC?

Hanging out with the wrestling team. We were a close, tight-knit group. Everyone was like family, so just being able to have fun with the team.

What were your favorite classes?

Firefighter I, Hazmat and EMT courses

Where are you working for now?

EMT-B at Olympic Ambulance in Bremerton, Washington

We handle all of the BLS transports from 911 calls for the City of Bremerton.

How did NJC EMS/Fire Program prepare you for your career?

The NJC EMS/Fire Program provided valuable experience through internships and volunteering. I got to experience EMS calls firsthand as well as obtaining my certifications (Hazmat, Wildland Fire, Fire I, and EMT). That was awesome. I also feel like I’ll have a bit of a leg up by having completed my Associates Degree.

What advice do you have for future EMS/Fire students? Or for students attending NJC?

For future fire students, get as involved as you can with the Fire Department. They have a lot of really good opportunities and are willing to help you a lot if you are willing to put in the time.

Davon Keyes standing in front of an ambulance