Madison Lipe

Fort Collins, CO
High School
Rocky Mountain High School
NJC Program

Why did you choose Northeastern?

I chose to go to Northeastern because is close to home, yet far enough away that I can get the college experience of being on my own. It is also a bonus that it does not break the bank! Northeastern has been an unbelievable experience that has shaped me as a person. I will be sad to leave it behind when I transfer. NJC has taught me how to be a leader in my community and to my peers; I became a R.A. on campus, and a tutor at the MLC. Both of these opportunities made my college experience busy, tiring, but more than anything, rewarding! The people I got to meet including teachers, staff, and students made my experience at Northeastern exciting and optimistic; everyone here wants to see students grow, succeed, and show their true potential, they will never give up on any student.

What do you like about your area of study?

I have enjoyed business at NJC because it is always a great experience to take courses that interest you, it makes the class more enjoyable and fun, not to mention the amazing teachers/professors. They put in so much effort to give students quality study material, lectures, and information about the course. They are all very intelligent and successful in their positions, and they always make the lessons fun and innovative! There is also a sense of community within the business department, the students, tutors at MLC, and teachers all come together to support one another and help each other succeed, my peers in this area of study have pushed me to do the best I can, and I have gained a true friendship with many.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduating from Northeastern I plan to start and finish my degree of Event and Meeting Management at Metropolitan Denver. Then apply my knowledge in Business and Event and Meeting Management to become an entrepreneur and start my own business for event planning.  

What inspires you?

While being at Northeastern I realized that watching fellow students grow and persevere is what inspires me to become a leader and always try my best. Becoming a tutor on campus at the Monahan Learning Center is something that I love and will never regret. I have been able to meet more peers and make connections with students on campus. When I saw students utilize the tutoring on campus because they were motivated and truly wanted to succeed I was honored to help them, this made me realize that I am meant to lead and assist others. Other students have inspired me to be the best I can be for myself and others.

What is your favorite awkward moment at Northeastern?

I have so many good memories from NJC that it is hard to narrow it down to one thing! But one thing that I will never forget, because I was so embarrassed, was when I was introduced to the entire new incoming freshman class as a Resident Assistant. We were supposed to say an interesting fact about ourselves and my fact was that I was a vegetarian. I got several bad looks and confused faces looking at me like I was insane. And the best thing yet, the next R.A.’s fact was “and I’m not a vegetarian” which got a lot of laughs and cheers from the crowd. But after that many students remembered me as the vegetarian (and probably the only one at NJC) and this allowed me to make some funny memories with the residents on campus.

Madison Lipe

There is a sense of community within the business department, the students, tutors at MLC, and teachers all come together to support one another.