David Lock

Why did you choose and/or what did you like about Northeastern? Why?

I initially chose NJC because I lived in Sterling and it was a lot cheaper than going straight to a larger university.  When I started attending NJC, I was blown away by the compassion of the professors and how much they cared about their field of study and the students at NJC.  I felt like they knew who I was and wanted me to succeed.

What do you like about your area of study? Why?

I like math.  I love solving complicated problems and knowing I can explain why something will or will not work. 

What did you do after graduation?

After I graduated from NJC, I went to South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  I graduated in May 2020 with my bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering.  Through my time at NJC, I realized my true passion is in teaching and I want to pursue a career in that in the near future. 

What inspires you?

Teaching and talking about math.  I love working with kids and doing math.

What is your favorite memory or awkward moment at Northeastern?

Wearing my Heelys everyday and blowing things up with Mr. Stump.

David Lock

When I started attending NJC I was blown away by the compassion of the professors.