Operations and Procedures Manual

Northeastern Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Goals


Northeastern is committed to developing excellence in our students by instilling knowledge, advancing skills, and providing opportunities to transfer and enter the workforce successfully. 


To be Colorado’s premier two-year college of choice.


Northeastern believes the student is the most important person on campus.


  • Provide excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, career and technical education, and personal enrichment.
  • Enhance student success and retention by providing comprehensive support services and activities.
  • Offer students opportunities to become well-rounded individuals, embrace diversity, and develop leadership skills.
  • Provide leading technology for instruction and operations.
  • Attract and retain quality employees and provide for their professional growth.
  • Acquire, maintain, and improve college resources and facilities to provide an aesthetic and efficient collegiate environment.
  • Assess institutional effectiveness, strive for continuous improvement, and operate with integrity and accountability.
  • Promote the college in a way that enhances enrollment and builds relationships with alumni and donors.
  • Develop relationships and partnerships that enrich the region and contribute cultural, economic, educational, and social experiences for our students and citizens.