Operations and Procedures Manual

IP 5.02 Employee References

All requests for information regarding the employment status of current or former employees should be referred to the Human Resources Office.   If asked to serve as a personal reference or write a personal letter of recommendation, faculty must ensure that information contained represents knowledge and observations and does not purport to represent Northeastern as an entity. 

Employment verification or requests for references of employment of past or present employees shall be handled as follows:

Responding as an “official” of the college:

  1. Forward to Human Resources for handling, or
  2. Complete a personal reference request providing only date(s) of employment and position held.

Staff may respond to phone inquiries by indicating that it is Northeastern’s guideline to provide only that reference information which confirms date(s) of employment and position held at Northeastern.

Responding in a personal capacity:

  1. References may not use college letterhead/stationery; and
  2. May not sign as an official of the college.

If questions arise regarding a reference for former or current employees, faculty should contact the Human Resources Office at ext. 6730.