Academic Standards Handbook

4.15 Students Rights and Responsibilities

All students enrolled for any credit course are responsible for knowledge of the information appearing in the catalog and any annual updates of costs, course revisions, curriculum changes and published course schedules.  All students are responsible for knowledge of the information contained in the student handbook.  The student handbook contains all general student policies and all residence hall rules and procedures.  The college reserves the right to change procedures and policies in the catalog and the student handbook, and to revise curricula as may be necessary and desirable.  The official college curriculum is approved by professional staff and contained in the Master Curriculum File.

All students registered for any courses at Northeastern Junior College accept a commitment to seriousness of purpose, academic integrity and high standards of personal and social behavior.  Students are expected to be cooperative and responsive members of the college community and the city of Sterling, and comply willingly with college regulations and to abide by local, state and federal laws.  All students have the right of due process, the right to file grievances and the college has the right to restrict, evict, suspend and dismiss any student whose academic achievement and personal conduct does not meet the standards set forth in the catalog and the student handbook.

In accordance with regulations and procedures assuring due process, the Chief Judicial Officer may dismiss from Northeastern Junior College any student whose conduct is not in keeping with the standards of the college.