Academic Standards Handbook

4.12 Graduation Requirements

The tradition of quarters to semester and also to core requirements has presented some credit evaluation problems.  The following statement is necessary to clarify graduation requirements.

Students, who have not completed 50 percent (50%) of the credit hours for a degree or certificate under a catalog prior to August 1989, will be required to satisfy current catalog requirements.

All lower division undergraduate credit hours awarded within the prior ten years will apply towards the completion of the graduation requirements.  Credits more than ten years old will receive careful consideration.  The Registrar, in conjunction with the Department Chairs of the respective academic divisions, reserves the right to examine any courses more than ten years old to determine their currency and applicability to existing curriculum and programming before credit is accepted.

Guarantee of degree in 2 years: 

The Colorado Community college System’s (CCCS) colleges have adopted a set of guidelines to define the conditions under which a student can expect to graduate with an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science in two years.    The CCCS colleges guarantee that if the scheduling of essential courses is found to have prevented a student from completing all course work necessary for an AA or AS degree from a specific Colorado Community college in 60 credit hours, and 2 years (24 months), that college will provide tuition plus any fees for all courses required for completion of the degree requirements.  Students must satisfy all the conditions described below to be eligible for this guarantee.

To be eligible for the above guarantee, the student must:

  1. Enroll at the same community college for at least four consecutive fall and spring semesters.
  1. Have completed all required remedial coursework before the beginning count of two years
  1. Enroll in and pass an average of 15 credit hours each of the four consecutive semesters.
  1. Earn a grade point average of 2.0 for each semester.
  1. Earn a C- or better in all course work.
  1. Have met with an academic advisor during the 1st and 3rd semesters of study.
  1. Have a recommended plan of study signed by the student and his/her advisor no later than the start of the second semester of study.
  1. Follow the signed recommended plan of study.
  1. Documentation proving requirements were all satisfied. (Advising records, transcripts, etc.)