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Colorado Reverse Transfer

You've done the work, you deserve the credit!

Colorado Reverse Transfer (formerly "Degree Within Reach") helps transfer students maximize their earning potential and career opportunities by earning the degrees they deserve.  This program allows students to combine credits earned at participating Colorado four-year institutions with those earned while enrolled at a Colorado community college.

You will be contacted by one of the four-year institutions via email if you are eligible to earn an Associate of Science, Associate of Arts or Associate of General Studies through Colorado Reverse Transfer and will be awarded the highest degree if all degree requirements have been met.

To be eligible, you must have earned at least 15 credit hours at a Colorado community college and have accumulated a minimum of 70 total college credit hours, including coursework at the four-year institution.

If you qualify for one of the above mentioned degrees, it will be awarded to you.  Thank you for your interest in Colorado Reverse Transfer.  Learn more by visiting the Colorado Reverse Transfer website.