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Adding or Dropping Classes

Adding a Class

To register for class (add) students must complete an Add/Drop Registration Form and submit this completed form to any of the five registration sites listed in the Registration information.  This procedure can also be done via the student’s Access NJC web page (top right hand corner of home page) and Navigate. Students may add classes during the “add period” which is the first six percent (6%) of the specific course. 

To add a class through Navigate, use the following link to log in and view your planner tab to add the course: Student Success Center Navigate

Dropping a Class

Students may drop a class during the first fifteen percent (15%) of the course duration, census date, without being financially responsible for the class: the class will not appear on the student’s permanent record.  Specific drop deadlines for A, B, and Full term classes are listed in the schedule of classes.

Students who register and do not want to be held liable for tuition and fees and/ or have a transcript record created must drop the class on or before the last day for refund, census date.  Notifying the instructor, your advisor or simply not attending the class is not sufficient to ensure that you are dropped from the class.

An official Add/Drop Registration form must be received with appropriate signatures within deadline.  This procedure can also be done via the student’s Access NJC web page and through Navigate.

To drop a class through Navigate, use the following link to log in and view your planner tab to drop the course: Student Success Center Navigate

Withdrawal from Class(es)

Any student may withdraw from any course(s) or the college without academic penalty anytime up to 80 percent of total class days.  All courses withdrawn during this period will receive the grade “W”.  Courses designated “W” will be recorded on the student’s permanent record, but will not be used in the calculation of the student’s semester or cumulative grade point average.

After the dates for withdrawal without penalty specified above, the students may not withdraw from a course and “W” is no longer a grade option for the instructor. 

A student initiates requests for withdrawal from a course by obtaining the appropriate withdrawal form from either the Records Office or an academic advisor.  The student will then obtain the signatures of the instructor(s) and the advisor as a matter of information, indicating communication of the student’s intent.

Course withdrawals will not become valid until the student has returned the completed forms to the Records Office.  Failure to complete the prescribed withdrawal procedure will result in the student receiving a grade in each course affected by withdrawal.

To withdrawal from a class through Navigate, use the following link to log in and view your planner tab to withdrawal from the course: Student Success Center Navigate

Students are responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees for courses which they are withdrawn from.  Students can also withdraw from a class through Access NJC.

Withdrawal from College/All Courses

A student who decides to withdraw from all courses must obtain the “Withdrawal from Northeastern Jr. College-All Courses” form from the Vice President of Student Services Office.  This form must be completed and returned with the current ID before withdrawal from college is official.  A student should not initiate a total withdrawal from the college via Access NJC (web-based student portal). 

Student initiated total withdrawal from college can be completed up to and including the last date to withdraw from classes for the term.  As part of a total withdrawal from college, a student cannot withdraw from a class that has already given its final exam or has otherwise ended, such as A-term and non-standard term classes that have concluded.

The withdrawal code to be used by an instructor will be a “W” to show a termination of enrollment or an “I” for an incomplete which allows the student to complete specific course requirements by the end of following semester (excluding summer).

Instructor and student must complete all required protocols before the instructor can assign a grade of incomplete.  The last date of attendance for the business office, records and financial aid purposes will be the date of request to withdraw.

In unusual circumstances (death, disability, and excessive absences) the Vice President of Student Services, the instructors of the courses enrolled, or the academic advisor may initiate the “Withdrawal from Northeastern Jr. College-All Courses” for a student. Procedures for withdrawing from the institution may be initiated only in the office of the Vice President of Student Services. Upon withdrawal from all classes, the student automatically severs the relationship with the college and is required to surrender his/her college identification card.  Withdrawal does not remove any outstanding financial balances or financial aid obligations due to the college or financial aid office.