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NJC Alumni Sponsorships

As an Alumni of Northeastern Junior College, we know the life experiences that this campus gave us.  No matter what decade you graduated in, the memories of NJC stand strong in all of our minds.  The rich traditions, the life-long friendships, and the stellar education that we all received are second to none!  You know what NJC did for you and if you would like to help another student be able to take the same course that you did, then look into our new NJC Alumni Association Sponsorship Program.   

If you are interested in helping sponsor a student that you know may be coming to NJC, let us know. You can make a donation today ($250.00 or $500.00) for a specific student to attend NJC and through our program the NJC Alumni Association will match that donation.  Please see below for more information.  

Sponsorship Specifications:

1.    Sponsorship Donor must be a Northeastern Junior College Alumni.
2.    Student is not required to be from a specific geographical area.
3.    $250.00 - Minimum amount of match paid per student each school year.
4.    $500.00 - Maximum amount of match paid per student each school year.
5.    $10,000.00 to be awarded total, each school year from the Alumni Association.
6.    Student is required to have at least a 2.0 cumulative G.P.A. requirement.
7.    Recipient must be enrolled at NJC full-time or part-time.
    a.    Enrollment requirement needs to be maintained to continue eligibility.
8.    Student must complete an NJC Admission Application.
9.    Student must have an NJC Student ID Number.
10.    The NJC Alumni Association Board of Directors is who prioritizes and expends funds.
11.    Maximum payment of two semesters per student.
12.    All matches are contingent upon available funding.
13.    One Sponsorship a school year per student.
14.    Application due date – July 1st, before upcoming school year.
15.    No concurrent students are able to receive matching funds.
16.    An Alumni cannot sponsor themselves.  You cannot be your own recipient.
17.    Funds that are allocated/received, but not used, due to loss of eligibility, will be forfeited and automatically transferred into the Alumni matching funds account.

*The NJC Alumni Association Sponsorship Program is contingent upon available funding.  If the student does not maintain eligibility for sponsorship renewal or for the second semester payment to be made, the student cannot regain eligibility for future semesters. This sponsorship program has limited funding and will be awarded to students at the sole discretion of the NJC Alumni Association Board of Directors.

If you are interested in the Sponsorship Program, please contact Heather Brungardt at 970-521-6623 or heather.brungardt@njc.edu


Heather Brungardt
Director of Bookstore Services/Executive Alumni Director
Hays Student Center
Heather Brungardt