Culture fair

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Want to know who will be showing you around campus? Get to know a little more about our Student Ambassadors.
NJC Ambassador Ali Schmitt

Ali Schmitt

Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Eaton, Colorado
Why I came to Northeastern:
I have lots of family here and I enjoy the environment
Interesting fact:
I have a dent in my head.




Peyton Rose

NJC Ambassador Peyton Rose

Major: Athletic Training/Sports Medicine

Hometown: Sterling, Colorado
Why I came to Northeastern:
I chose NJC because it has a great diverse student body from all over the world and financially it was a great choice.
Interesting fact:
I am low key a nerd because I like stuff like Star Wars and Harry Potter.



NJC Ambassador Cinnamon Cook

Cinnamon Cook

Major: Communications
Hometown: Otis, Colorado
Why I came to Northeastern:
I had completed my first year online. I decided to finish my degree at NJC and the cost was also nice.
Interesting fact:
I am in Gryffindor house for Harry Potter.