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Northeastern is who we are, Sterling is where we reside. Known as "A Colorado Treasure", Sterling is the largest city in the northeastern part of Colorado. It not only boast a vibrant downtown area, but also many outdoor activities that are sure to make you want to explore more.

Quick facts on Sterling:

  • Sits on the beautiful plains of Colorado (elevation of 3,939)
  • Far from city lights, perfect for stargazing (approximately two-hours from Denver, CO)
  • Boast an abundance of state parks and reservoirs (perfect for hiking, camping, fishing and much more)
  • Over 50 buildings downtown (shopping, eateries and more)
  • Small town living (population of approximately 14,000)


Historical downtown Sterling sign
Simkins Cafe in Sterling, Colorado
Students sitting on Courthouse lawn in downtown Sterling, Colorado during a music event
Fox Five movie theater in Sterling, Colorado
Parts and Labor Brewing Company and restaurant in downtown Sterling, Colorado
Community space in downtown Sterling, Colorado

For more information on businesses and amenities in the Sterling area, visit the below resources.