The Northeastern Junior College Honors Program consists of students who possess exceptional leadership and academic abilities.

These individuals encompass a diverse variety of degree tracks within Northeastern, however each student expresses their academic ambition through coursework that caters to their specific degree. Members of this program will work individually or in small groups with the program advisor, as well as a full-time faculty within their discipline, in order to create a project which caters to their interests and future. This is the Honors Student’s upper level course work, which provides the student with the ability to go above and beyond the work currently done in classes to further enrich their college experience. Other elements of the course include advocacy projects, fundraising, campus improvements projects, and an Honors Symposium.

Other Benefits of the Program:

  • Scholarship of $250 per semester.
  • Living in the GRB Residence Hall.
  • Recognition at commencement along with honors cords.