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Applied Technology Campus Expansion

Applied Technology Campus Expansion

Jay A. Lee

President’s Message

Opportunity. That’s what a college education affords each and every one of our students. Northeastern Junior College is here to help residents of this region and beyond to realize their aspirations. Aspirations that are achievable with a quality education. Aspirations that engender opportunity.

In 2019 we embarked upon an ambitious plan to expand our ability to enable greater and better career opportunities for our students. Whether they come straight from high school, seek career development through program certification, or wish to advance themselves in a new career direction, we enable their opportunities through Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.

Ironically, our own opportunities to meet workforce demands for skilled, workforce-ready CTE program graduates and certificate holders have become limited. We’ve simply run out of room to grow class sizes. We are forced do with what space we have to incorporate the latest tools and equipment CTE students need to acquire competitive skills and experience.

Our plan, as outlined on these website pages, seeks to raise at least $6.7 million to build out a new, learning-conducive facility for Northeastern’s Applied Technology Campus. It would remove the current physical silos between programs to allow students to engage one another as well as faculty and staff in a common area—a concept that’s been proven vital to student success. It would expand classroom and shop areas to allow installation of modern equipment and learning tools. In short, it will allow us to grow with the demand for skilled, workforce-ready graduates while improving an already exceptional student learning experience. This project will also benefit our region by producing quality employees that contribute to economic prosperity.

Please help us achieve our capital fund goal with a contribution today. The returns will be more than evident in the months and years ahead. On behalf of Northeastern’s faculty, staff and students, your generous contribution will beget our never-ending gratitude. Let’s make the most of this opportunity.

Sincere regards,

Jay A. Lee
Northeastern Junior College

  • Current ATC building space restricts Northeastern’s ability to accept greater numbers of students. The college’s Facilities Master Plan reveals the ATC is 20,000 square feet smaller than what’s needed to efficiently teach current students. The ATC addition will add an additional 39,418 square feet to the facility for a total of 89,153 square feet.
  • Eastern Colorado has 29 percent fewer electricians than the national average. Aspiring electricians in our region must travel to the Denver metro area for any postsecondary education in this profession.
  • Precision Agriculture is a burgeoning field in need of skilled technicians. Students develop knowledge, skills and abilities to install, operate and repair this important technology as farming operations continue to adopt it.
  • Due to the fact that competitive CTE programs in this region have either disappeared or lost capacity for enrollment, Northeastern has an excellent near-term opportunity establish itself as the school of choice for high-demand workforce-ready careers in Colorado.
  • The economic modeling and research firm Emsi calculated in 2017 that Northeastern student spending annually contributes $1.5 million into the Sterling-area economy. The firm estimates more than $120,000 is generated by every 100 new students each year.
  • Local and regional employers heavily recruit Northeastern graduates, but a major portion of Colorado’s technical workforce is nearing retirement. Expansion of Northeastern CTE programs can play a major role in eliminating that projected deficit of skilled workers.