Welding has restructured with the student in mind.

Northeastern’s Welding Technology program currently resides in an aging, 4,265 square foot building detached and distant from the other ATC buildings. It isn’t large enough for the installation or operation of a recently donated, yet-to-be used robotic welder, and it otherwise limits use of additional equipment for students to learn on (e.g., shears, or brakes, both of which students should receive training for).


Expansion of the ATC would include a 7,924 square foot welding area that includes dedicated cutting rooms. Most manufacturing facilities in the US have adopted some form of automated welding capability to stay competitive. The welding instructor on staff is a Certified Welding Inspector with extensive experience training students to operate robotic welders. The expansion would also allow NJC to offer robotics and CNC programming for students.

Welding Floorplan

This program has been restructured to reflect a competency based education. No longer do students need to wait for the fall semester and complete the program as a whole. Courses have been structured to allow students to start when they are ready, and complete when they have attained the skills they need to enter or enhance their career.

Students in the Welding program have a completion rate of 76 percent, compared to a 56 percent for welding programs across the state of Colorado. The ability to add the latest welding equipment and teaching tools will make Northeastern a destination college for students seeking rewarding careers in this high-demand field.



Ideas for the Welding Lab

  • Install Robotic Welders
  • Install brakes and other metal processing equipment
  • Expand to machining

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