Information Technologies

Northeastern Junior College provides you with premier technology and services to enhance your experience.

The IT Help Desk is the primary customer interface for information, access and assistance related to the services provided by our department. We are committed to offering an exceptional support experience for the campus community, and are ready to assist faculty, staff and students with any IT related needs.

We provide excellent, direct customer IT support and solutions to the campus community as we work toward meeting operational, academic and research needs and goals.

Please contact us by phone at 970-521-6805 or by email at

Students logging into campus computers must use the following login information:

Username: College assigned S number
Password: Student04242000 (The numbers after "Student" represent the students two digit birth month, two digit birth day and four digit birth year)
Domain: CCC

Please refer to your schedule (top right corner) for your student or "S" Number.
Username: S01234567
Password: Student04242000
Domain: CCC