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Advisory Council

Advisory Council Minutes November 7, 2019

The regular meeting of the NJC Advisory Council was held Thursday, November 7, 2019 in E.S. French room 126.

Members Present:        Jamie Jo Axtell

                                        Fred Jackson

                                        Karen Ramey-Torres

                                        Karla Rosas

                                        Sergio Sanchez

                                        Wade Tyrell


Member Absent:          Kendra Anderson


Others Present:  Jay Lee, Shawn Rose, Jeri Estrada, Lisa LeFevre, Steve Smith, Jamie Giacomini, Aline Marquez, Sadie Fritzler, Jessica Harder, Kent Ross, Carrie Knudson, Dave Webb, Dano Fagerlund, Julie Brown, Kathy Reinhardt, Erin Owens, Jason Hazlett, Ashley Kissell, Sandra Linn and Callie Jones from the Journal Advocate.

  1. Fred Jackson, the 2019-2020 Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. 
  2. The group participated in the Pledge of Allegiance.

III.      The agenda for the November 7, 2019 Advisory Council Meeting was approved as presented. Jamie Jo Axtell made the motion to approve the agenda and Sergio Sanchez seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

IV.      The minutes of the September 26, 2019 Advisory Council Meeting were approved as presented. Wade Tyrrell made the motion to approve the minutes and Jamie Jo Axtell seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

V.       NEW FACULTY/STAFF INTRODUCTIONS – Jeri Estrada, HR Director

  • President Jay Lee introduced Carrie Knudson as the new Director of Concurrent Enrollment.
  • Dave Webb, Director of Communications and Public Relations, introduced Dano Fagerlund as the new Social Media Coordinator.
  • Jamie Giacomini, Director of Adult and Community Ed, introduced Julie Brown as a new Holyoke ABE ESL Instructor.
  • Kathy Reinhardt, Foundation Executive Director, introduced Erin Owens as the new Foundation Coordinator.
  • Jason Hazlett, Department Chair for Transportation & Energy, introduced Ashley Kissell as that department’s new Administrative Assistant.
  • Jeri Estrada, HR Director, introduced Sandra Linn as a new Nursing Instructor.
  • Jeri Estrada introduced Bill Hill (not present) as the new Women’s Assistant Basketball Coach.  



  • SBCCOE Outstanding Student – Sadie Fritzler, Career Coach/Academic Advisor
    • Aline is a sophomore at Northeastern Junior College who was attracted to the school because of its volleyball program. She is studying to acquire an Associate of Science degree in preparation for a four-year program, possibly in marine biology. Aline has been honored with a citizen’s award by La Raza (now UnidosUS), and earned recognition in 2017 for her leadership abilities at Colorado Christian University’s annual Young Christian Conservatives Leadership Conference. As an active member of the Denver chapter of Boys and Girls Club, she earned Youth of the Year honors. She has parlayed those leadership skills to become a captain of her high school volleyball team and at Northeastern as a member of school’s Associated Student Government. Aline’s passion is helping others succeed, whether they are classmates, teammates, or her fellow ASG board members.
    • Aline will be recognized as Northeastern’s Outstanding Student at the November 13 State Board Meeting in Denver.


    • TEDx NJC – Jessica Harder, Psychology Instructor & Honors Program Coordinator
      • Northeastern will host a TEDx event on campus on February 22. The event will be a four-hour event.
      • TEDx is a branch of the TED speaker series. The purpose of TEDx events are to facilitate the process of hosting TED conferences within smaller communities with local speakers.
      • The theme will be “Paying it Forward”.
      • The team is made up of twelve people and they are responsible for putting the event together. They are accepting applications for speakers.
      • Funding for the event is still being worked out as TEDx has required audio/visual needs.



  • Adult Community Education Center Audit – Jamie Giacomini
  • The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) was on campus in mid-September for an annual audit of our Adult Community Education Center.
  • They observed classrooms and conducted interviews.
  • The visit went great.
  • They praised us for an incredible turnaround from when they visited in 2018. They also commended us on having one of the highest Measurable Skill Gains (MSGs) in the state for the second year in a row (data from 2018-2019). In addition, the data that we submit and maintain within the CDE LACES platform was praised for its accuracy and fidelity with state requirements.
  • The CDE team said that we are one of the only programs that has little to no errors on our monthly data monitoring. Dalia Alexander was responsible for our data reporting and deserves the recognition for maintaining that database for ACE. Dalia is no longer at NJC; she took a position that will allow her to work from home so that she can be more available to her young children. Jamie has been working to fill that position because that position is crucial to this program’s success.
  • Before leaving, the CDE directly asked us to reapply for funding in the upcoming RFP. We take that as confirmation that NJC ACE is viewed as a strong and high-caliber adult education program in the state of Colorado.



  1. Student Ideas for Diversity – Kent Ross, Philosophy Professor
    • Kent Ross reported that all English 121 students on the second day of classes wrote about an article that applies diversity and inclusion to small, less diverse, rural communities like Sterling. The students responded to the following prompt: You may be new to Sterling and NJC, but using your own experience and after reading the article, what would you ARGUE is the most important strategy NJC could implement to embrace diversity and be inclusive?
    • Below are the student ideas for diversity:
  • Pair diverse students in dorms.
  • Bring more sports and recruit diverse students.
  • Have more classes on different cultures.
  • Have diversity clubs.
  • Have more mixed ethnicity in leadership of students and adults across campus.
  • Have a booth in the courtyard introducing a new ethnic group each week.
  • Create more communication about diversity.
  • Have a culture fair.
  • At a culture fair or otherwise pair up a local and a foreign student to acquaint each other with each other’s culture.
  • Cross language barriers—have the student body learn a word each week from another culture and use it with those that speak that language.
  • Have performances from different cultures at the culture fair.
  • Have mixers and sharing activities between cultures.
  • Give international students a tour of Sterling.
  • Have ice breakers.
  • Have an ASSET DAY in which different ethnicities share the assets of their culture.
  • Have festivals and dances.
  • Recruit more foreign and diverse students.
  • Have teammates teach their culture to the rest of the team.
  • Create an app or website for every country and ethnicity at NJC.
  • Use social media to form diverse gatherings and clubs.
  • Have more travel opportunities for students to see other cultures.
  • Creating and acknowledging an atmosphere of acceptance.
  • Have a way to share ethnic music with others on campus.
  • Have foreign students stay citizens in town.
  • Have a diversity class taught on campus.
  • Have cookouts.
  • Forums about diversity.
  • Have leaders go get shy kids for activities.
  • Have more things for non-sports kids to intermingle with international students.
  • Have an inclusive space: Foreign movies, games, have students come up with ideas.
  • Have conversational language classes.
  • Have a multicultural office or center for diversity.
  • Some quotes the students came up with were:
  •  “Being Comfortable with Uncomfortable.”
  • “The Art of Inclusion”
  • Some other comments from students:
  • “Despite the fact that more people of color are coming to NJC, it still feels like a white community.”
    •  “I believe that NJC’s most important strategy is to continue to carry on what they have been doing. NJC has a way of including everyone in everything. Whether it’s the multiple sports teams, the giant campus events, the various culture fairs, the different clubs, or just placing students into classes. NJC has embraced diversity throughout the school.”
  • President Lee commended Kent Ross and the Northeastern Nation (Northeastern’s diversity committee) for their work this school year in increasing diversity awareness on campus.
  • The Northeastern Nation has been sending out weekly videos to the campus each week. Sergio Sanchez asked if those videos are public for anyone to see. They currently are not, but Lisa LeFevre said she would work with the Northeastern Nation to get them posted on our website.
  • The diversity, equity and inclusion initiative is a system-wide initiative being led by CCCS Chancellor Joe Garcia.
  1. Equity in Athletics – Jay Lee
    • Leslie Weinsheim, Northeastern’s Institutional Research Director submits an annual report to the U.S. Department of Education for the equity in athletics database. This database consists of athletics data that is submitted annually as required by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) by all co-educational postsecondary institutions that receive Title IV funding (i.e., those that participate in federal student aid programs) and that have an intercollegiate athletics program.
    • The database reports sports offered, coaching staff and salaries, revenues and expenses and other supplemental information.
    • President Lee compared us to Lamar Community College, Otero Junior College and Trinidad State Junior College. These are other rural colleges in the system that are comparable to our size.
    • NJC and Otero offer the same sports. Trinidad has an additional sport – track & field/marathon. Lamar does not offer men’s and women’s soccer or wrestling.
    • The coaching staff is in line with all the colleges. Although NJC is the only college with full-time assistant coaches. The other colleges have part-time assistant coaches who have other duties such as being a residence hall assistant, etc. They receive other benefits with these other duties such as free room and board and/or a meal plan.
    • Otero and Trinidad provide more athletic scholarships for their athletes. Lamar has fewer sports so their athletic scholarship funding is lower than Northeastern.
    • Northeastern has higher salaries for their coaches.
    • Overall, Northeastern is in line with our competition in Colorado as far as equity in athletics.


  1. Fact Book – Jay Lee



  • iPads
    • Northeastern will continue to be an iPad college through the 2020-2021 school year. The reasoning behind this decision is that the college has made a financial commitment with our current iPads as they are only two years old and they have a life expectancy of five years. The college has invested money into Apple TVs.
    • This school year we will identify the academic programs that are “iPad required” and the programs that are “iPad recommended”.
    • The faculty have pushed for a move to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Jay feels there is merit in that argument and that option will be taken into consideration.


  • Applied Technology Campus Campaign
    • The ATC Campaign continues to raise donations for the new ATC building. An ATC fundraising event was held Tuesday night and several thousand dollars were raised that night. The ATC Committee continues to meet with large organizations trying to raise donations for the campaign. Grants are also being investigated.


  • Foundation Executive Director
    • Kathy Reinhardt, Foundation Executive Director, has resigned from her position, effective December 5. She has agreed to be flexible with her actual departure to assist the next director.


  • Vice President of Academic Affairs
    • The search for a new Vice President of Academic Affairs continues. We have a large applicant pool. Lisa LeFevre is leading that search committee. They will be conducting WebEx interviews soon. On-campus interviews are slated to be held the week of finals in December.


  • Staff Holiday Celebration
    • The Staff Holiday Celebration is set for Monday, December 9 from 4pm-6pm in the ES French Atrium. The Advisory Council is welcome to attend.


  • Yuma Facility
    • We will be occupying our Yuma Facility full-time soon.
    • We have a good candidate pool for the full-time coordinator of the facility.
    • Administrators will rotate having a presence in that building also.



  • Associated Student Government (ASG) Report – Lauren Froid, ASG President
    •  NO REPORT


  • Faculty Senate Report Kent Ross, Faculty Senate President  
  • A Faculty Senate sub-committee has been meeting about faculty evaluations. Kent Ross will serve as the liaison between NJC and the state and has been communicating NJC’s faculty concerns at the state meetings he attends. Faculty evaluations include teacher observations, goal setting and student evaluations.
    • The State Board has allocated $5 million for Teacher Learning Grants. These allocated grant dollars will come out of system office reserves with the understanding that they would be used to promote teaching and learning excellence across the system. Furthermore, the Board was clear that the grant dollars must be used to advance their priorities of equity and student success. 
    • Faculty at Northeastern are pursuing an OER (Open Education Resources) Grant. Open educational resources are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes. This grant will give Northeastern the opportunity to create low cost or not cost access for students to textbook and/or materials.
    • Kent reported that there was a lengthy discussion about iPads at a Faculty Senate meeting earlier this school year. The faculty feel the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a good option, however many of them are not willing to give up their iPads as they find them very valuable in their teaching.



  • None from audience
  • President Lee reported that at the next Advisory Council meeting in February, the group would get a tour of the new Innovation Center located on the second floor of Knowles Hall. The meeting in April will be held in Yuma at our new Yuma facility.
  • Fred asked about the progress of the office moves in Hays Student Center. Lisa reported that these moves had to take a backburner to the Innovation Center, as those funds had to be spent before the end of the Title III Grant on September 30.



  • The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,


Shawn Rose

 Recording Secretary


cc:  Advisory Council Members, Jay Lee