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Student Testing Policies

The Monahan Learning Center takes student success seriously and is happy to provide testing services.

Student Testing Policy

The Monahan Learning Center (MLC) follows Northeastern's Academic Integrity Policy and strives to provide secure and appropriate testing environments.


Scheduling a Make-up Test
  • Make-up exam appointments must be scheduled in advance with Rochelle Lenox.

  • Call 970-521-6727 or stop in KH 120B or inquire at the MLC Scheduling Desk.
  • Provide your instructor’s name, course name, testing time, and test date.

Taking a Make-up Test
  • Your testing window will start at the scheduled time.
  • Arrive on time. If you arrive late, you may not receive the full amount of time.

  • Bring your Student ID.

  • Bring only your testing materials to the testing room.

  • The MLC will provide scratch paper.

  • Leave your backpack, coat, hat, cell phone, smartwatches and other unnecessary items at the scheduling desk. 

  • Once you begin your test, you may not come and go from the testing room.

  • Most testing spaces are monitored by camera.

  • Upon completion, return the test to the MLC scheduling desk and gather your belongings.

  • The MLC will return the test to your instructor.

Upon any evidence of academic dishonesty, the MLC will report the incident to your instructor.  You will be required to meet with your instructor who will follow course and Northeastern's policies. 


Contact: Schedule test or accommodations -- Rochelle Lenox, 970-521-6727.