Accessibility Services

Faculty Testing Policies

The Monahan Learning Center takes student success seriously and is happy to provide accommodations and testing for individual students.

Testing Policy for Instructors

Students who receive accommodations or who need to make up a missed exam are eligible for this service.    

The MLC follows Northeastern’s Academic Integrity Policy and strives to provide secure and appropriate testing environments.


Instructors should
  • Coordinate the make-up test with the student.
  • Encourage students to schedule make-up tests ahead of time.
  • Deliver or email the test to Melissa Bornhoft in the MLC, KH120A.
  • Provide all instructions with each test; i.e., time limit, resources to use, test deadline, etc.

Instructors may request a proctor. 

Students are required to log in, show their student ID, and deposit unnecessary belongings (like hats, cellphones, backpack, smartwatches, hoodies) at the MLC scheduling desk. 

Our testing rooms are monitored by camera. 

Upon evidence of any academic dishonesty, the MLC will immediately report the situation to the instructor in order to follow course and Northeastern policies.

For more information, please contact Melissa Bornhoft, 970-521-6670 or Maret Felzien, 970-521-6619.