Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

Providing assistance and accommodations to support student success.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Monahan Learning Center (MLC), coordinates Northeastern's efforts to provide full access to educational, cultural and other programs sponsored by the college for any qualified student with a disability.

Northeastern is committed to providing services to assure an accessible environment for students with disabilities. The transition specialist, whose office is located in the MLC, will discuss concerns about disabilities and approve and coordinate academic accommodations for all qualified students.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

In addition to providing notification and documenting the need for accommodation(s), students with disabilities also have the following rights and responsibilities:

Student Rights

  • To an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from courses, programs, services or activities offered through the college.
  • To an equal opportunity to work and to learn, to receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services.
  • To expect all disability-related information to be treated as confidential and the assurance that all disability-related records are maintained separately from college records except as disclosed and required by law.
  • To receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner.

Student Responsibilities

  • To self-identify as an individual with a disability and provide current documentation of a disability to the transition specialist in the MLC.
  • To meet qualifications and maintain essential institutional standards for courses, programs, services or activities.
  • To initiate all requests for accommodations and services and to request accommodations at the beginning of each semester.
  • To maintain clear and open communication with instructors and the transition specialist.
  • To meet academic standards required for admission or participation in any educational program, as well as adhere to Northeastern's student code of conduct.
  • To contact the transition specialist if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in a timely manner.