TRiO Student Support Services Program

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a federal grant provided to colleges to support and increase the number of disadvantaged, low income, first generation and disability students who successfully complete a program of study at the post-secondary level.  Northeastern has maintained a TRiO SSS grant for over 30 years and identifies 180 students each year to support.
One must complete the Individualized Strategic Learning Plan and return it to the Monahan Learning Center. Most students complete this form on the day they register for classes. Students who receive financial support by a parent or guardian need to have their signature.
College students are considered "first generation" if their parent or parents have not completed their Bachelor's degree at a 4-year college or university.  This is a key requirement for eligibility for the SSS grant.
Students at Northeastern who are SSS eligible and who choose to participate in the program can apply for additional grant aid and request additional support and coaching.  Students should use the Monahan Learning Center regularly for studying and tutoring.  Students can also choose to have an Academic Coach during their time here to assist with their transition to and success at college.