Title IX Training

Technology for Virtual Hearings

  1. Practice Tips for Virtual Hearings

    1. Know how to share content/screen to show exhibits.
    2. Know how to control the mute settings.
    3. Know how to record the hearing if necessary, as the regulations require the hearing to be recorded or transcribed.
    4. If platform allows, know how to put participants in a lobby or waiting area, as needed.
    5. Consider having an advance test of the technology with participants.
    6. Consider having parties submit and/or exchange potential exhibits in advance of the hearing.
    7. Encourage participants to participate in a location that has strong internet connection, is private and quiet, and has adequate lighting.
    8. Encourage participants to silence computer and telephone notifications during the hearing.
  2. User Guides/Tutorials:

    1. Many digital platforms have online guides/tutorials, but also consider partnering with the IHE’s IT department for specific questions and follow-up. See for example: