2019 Jump Start Class

Running Start

Running Start at Northeastern provides an early college opportunity for TRiO eligible students. 

Running Start Northeastern was held August 13th-16th, 2023.

Check back in springtime of 2024 for information about our next Running Start

Students arrive on campus early, move into the residence halls, spend time refreshing academic skills, getting oriented to campus and the community, and making friends.

"I liked the environment and knowing that I have a lot of resources to look for when I’m struggling or need help. I also enjoy doing things that I’ve never done before and being able to experience them for the first time." - student from 2018

Students will: 

  • move to campus early.
  • get to know Northeastern's campus.
  • learn about the community.
  • meet fellow students and make new friends.
  • learn the technology.

The opportunity is funded by Northeastern's TRiO grant.