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Residence Life - Housing Cancellation Request Form

The following cancellation policy is taken directly from the Housing Contract:

Cancellation of a signed contract prior to semester start date must be initiated by a written request to the Department of Residence Life. Residence Hall Contract deposits will be refunded only in accordance with the following policy: A full refund of the deposit will be granted if the written request is postmarked on or prior to July 1 of that year for the Fall Semester and December 1 for the Spring Semester or within 30 days of initiating the contract. Requests after the designated dates will not be honored and the deposit forfeited. Students on waiting lists for hall assignments after July 1 or December 1 are not subject to a forfeiture of deposit.

First Year Student Housing Policy

All first-year students with less than 30 semester credit hours earned are required to live in the residence halls for two semesters and/or until 30 semester credits are earned. Exemptions to this policy are first-year students who are:

  1. Over twenty-one years of age,
  2. Married,
  3. Have minor dependent children,
  4. Commuting to Northeastern from a parent/guardian’s residence in a 60-mile radius,
  5. Serving in the military.

Freshman students will be required to contract for two semesters. Students who do not meet the exemptions above and choose to live off campus will be charged one half of a semester standard room rate.

Reason for cancellation

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