Payment Plan

We are pleased to offer Online Enrollment through NBS.

In an effort to assist you with your college expense budget, Northeastern has made available a payment plan through NBS Management Company. The NBS Payment Sign Up gives you details of the plan, including the enrollment agreement and telephone numbers if you have questions. This is a no-interest way to pay your college expenses providing a consistent, prearranged payment amount for your convenience.

The fee to defer tuition and fees through NBS is a $35.00 non-refundable enrollment fee per semester, which will be processed electronically form your checking or savings account or to a Visa, Discover, American Express or MasterCard. Once your enrollment fee processes successfully, you will be set up for automatic tuition and fee payments which will process from this same account. 

Enrolling on-line is simple and easy. Visit the NBS Payment Plan sign up here. The payment plan can accommodate down payments and monthly payments. Follow the process by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of each page. Be sure to complete your name and address, calculate the amount you wish to budget, determine the method of payment and the payment schedule. Once you determine the amount you need to budget (contact the Cashier's Office at 970-521-6728 or 970-521-6702), just complete, authorize, and submit your tuition payment agreement form AND avoid the line at the Cashier's Office! Once you submit your on-line agreement, confirmation will be sent to verify your arrangement.

Payment Plans allow you to register for additional classes if payment plan is in good standing.  

Accessing Your NBS Account

If you have created an account with NBS Management Company, you can use the NBS Payment Plan website to access your personal account information. Please note that you will need to have your login information you created when establishing your NBS account.