Student Handbook


Agreement For Use Of Northeastern Junior College Computers

I, ____________________________________, agree to abide by the following policies:
1) This agreement specifies the rights and expectations of users of computer systems owned, operated or leased by Northeastern Junior College and the Colorado Community College System ("NJC/CCCS"). It includes e-mail, internet services, web pages and system computer use (collectively "computer systems"). No person may use NJC/CCCS computer systems without signing and abiding by the terms of this Agreement. This agreement is in compliance with SB 3-125, the Electronic Communication Policy for CCCS.
2) In consideration for the use of NJC/CCCS computer systems, the user understands and agrees to abide by the following:
a) This is a NJC/CCCS computer system. The user understands that the computer systems and any software installed on it or any other computer system it connects to by any means can ONLY be used for official purposes consistent with the administrative, instructional, educational and research objectives NJC/CCCS.
b) Examples of prohibited use include:
i) Sending or storing mail judged to be obscene, known to be false, harassing or otherwise abusive or transmitting to others images, sounds or messages that might reasonably be considered harassing.
ii) Initiating or propagating chain letters.
iii) Attempting to forge electronic mail messages or using someone else’s electronic mail.
iv) Creating or willfully disseminating computer viruses.
v) Copying copyrighted material (such as software) except as authorized.
vi) Accessing, downloading, printing or storing obscene, sexually explicit images, text or services (except as necessary for research or debate on sexual themes in art, literature, history and the law or the routine exchange of information among professionals concerning child abuse and sexual assault).
vii) Screen displays of images, sounds or messages that could create an atmosphere of discomfort or harassment for others, especially those considered obscene or sexually explicit.
viii) For NJC/CCCS employees, accessing personal interest sites, viewing chat rooms or using recreational games during work hours.
ix) Use for commercial gain or private profit.
c) All data contained in the NJC/CCCS computer systems is owned by NJC/CCCS. NJC/CCCS. Has the right to monitor such data pursuant to BP 3-125. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY ON ANY NJC/CCCS SYSTEM. NJC/CCCS personnel may give to law enforcement officials or NJC/CCCS management personnel any information that constitutes potential evidence of criminal action or violation of NJC/CCCS policy taking place on any NJC/CCCS computer system. The user understands that such information may result in criminal proceedings or administrative actions against the user.
d) Electronic mail of an employee is subject to the Public Records Law and may be subject to public inspection under C.R.S. 24-72-203.
3) Only software authorized by NJC/CCCS may be used on NJC/CCCS computers. Users are not permitted to bring software from home and/or load it on NJC/CCCS computers.
4) If the user has access to personally identifiable information in student education records, he must comply with the confidentiality provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and any additional college policy
5) The user understands that any sign-on or password instructions issued are for his exclusive use only and are not to be shared with others.
6) I further understand that I am responsible for reading and understanding all policies concerning computer use as outlined in section 3.05 and 3.06 of the Northeastern Junior College Handbook.
7) The user understands that this Agreement is a binding legal document with NJC/CCCS. A violation of its terms may be grounds for discipline, including immediate termination of the user’s privileges on any NJC/CCCS computer system, reprimand, suspension or dismissal.

The Computer Use Agreement can also be viewed online.