Northeastern Pandemic Players Present: The Children's Stories Project! 20 videos featuring animations and dramatic readings of classic children's stories chosen by faculty, staff, and students at Northeastern Junior College!

Our Mission is to connect parents and children to the wonderful world of reading. There is no better way to encourage cognitive, social, and emotional growth in children than to read to them. The Northeastern Theatre Department has spent the last couple of months collecting children’s stories from various members of our community. Throughout the process, students have interviewed story hosts, rehearsed story narrations, participated in creative planning, and edited sound and video for this project. Please feel free to share these wonderful creations with others! Snuggle-up with your loved ones and enjoy!


Childerns story poster



Project Introduction: The Importance of Reading to Children from Donna Brady-Lawler

Donna is the Coordinator of Early Childhood Education at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Are you My Mother” by P.D. Eastman.

Story host and narrator: "Clint Rothell of Northeastern Junior College, Sterling CO.

A Reading of “Sam and the Firefly” by P.D. Eastman

Story Host and Narrator: Celeste Delgado-Pelton of Northeastern Junior College, Sterling CO.


“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” (A tribute to Mr. Rogers)

Story Host and Narrator: Stephanie Weatherill of Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Monster Momma” by Liz Rosenberg

Story Host and Narrator: Mary Carlstedt of Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Homer Price and the Doughnut Machine” by Robert McCloskey.

Story Host and Narrator: Kevin Stump of Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “The Children of Lir” (an old Irish folktale)

Story Host: Brenden Carrol a student at Northeastern Junior College. Narrator: Dermott Carrol.


“One Tin Soldier” by  Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter. 

Story hosted and sung by Thomas Quick, a student at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss

Story hosted by Tim Opyt of Northeastern Junior College. Narrated and voiced by Carey Garone, Grace Hettinger, and Thomas Quick.

A Reading of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Dr. Seuss

Story Hosted by Kelly Kuntz and narrated by Nathan Robinson of Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss

Story hosted and Narrated by Jay Lee, President of Northeastern Junior College. 


A Reading of “Bunheads” by Misty Copeland

Story Hosted by Carey Garone. Narrated and voiced by Carey Garone, Mary Carlstedt, and Thomas Quick, students at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Berenstain Bears We Love Soccer!” by Mike Berenstain

Hosted and narrated by Say Lah Poe and Fernanda Rios, students at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Salt in His Shoes” by Deloris and Rosyln Jordan

Hosted and narrated by Junub Chuol, students at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch 

Hosted by Lexi Riggle. Narrated and voiced by Lexi Riggle, Thomas Quick, and Carey Garone, students at Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown


(YouTube Link Coming soon)


Hosted and by Brendon-Williams Ransdell and narrated by Junub Char of Northeastern Junior College.


A Reading of “Miss Suzy” by Miriam Young

Hosted and narrated by Meghan Holbrook


A Reading of “The Hapless Child” by Edward Gorey


(Video link coming soon)


Student Bio’s


Junub Chuol

Junub is originally from Omaha, Nebraska and is a basketball player for NJC where he helped his team make it to Nationals. Junub is  currently undecided on his major but is starting to warm-up to theatre (insert Mr. Robinson’s sinister laugh). Junub enjoys listening to music and has an obvious, life-long love of basketball.


Brenden Caroll

Brenden and a man comparing bottle openers

Brenden Caroll is from Denver Colorado and is an Associate of Business major at NJC. After this semester Brenden will go on to the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where he is planning on getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Brenden’s father is an Irish immigrant and is the narrator of “The Children of Lir”.


Mary Carlstedt.

Mary smiling in a bed of tulups

“Hi, I’m Mary, a Liberal Arts major. I enjoy reading, cultivating playlists based on specific feelings. I collect answering machine tapes (from people I’ve known and people I haven’t), and I’m impartial to cemeteries. Cool of you to show up. Enjoy!”


Carey Garone

carey looking into the camera

Carey is a Forensic Science major at Northeastern Junior College. Carey is originally from Hickory, North Carolina but moved to Thornton, Colorado with her family. As a child, Carey fell in love with dance and trained in multiple styles for seven years!


Grace Helberg

Grace is double majoring in Nursing and Journalism at Northeastern Junior College. She originally comes from Longmont, Colorado. Grace really enjoys riding horses, hiking, and reading books. Grace’s dream is to move to London to pursue journalism and/or her medical career.


Meghan Holbrook

Meghan smiling into the camera

Meghan is a philosophy student at Northeastern Junior College. She is originally from Aurora, Colorado where she enjoyed being involved in both theatre and choir and Rangeview High School. Meghan loves reading, singing, drawing, and spending time with friends and family.


Say Lah Poe

Say is originally from Thailand but his family is currently living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Say is an Associate of Arts Major and a valuable member of the NJC Men’s Soccer. His family immigrated from Thailand when he was young and settled in Lincoln, Nebraska. Say really enjoys camping and fishing with his family and has a very big passion for soccer.


Thomas Quick

person looking into the camera from above

“My name is Thomas Quick. I’m an Associate of Arts major and I’m from Woodrow, Colorado. If you don’t know where that is, you’re right. It’s nowhere. I like drawing, painting, and singing...all of which I plan on pursuing as possible professions in the future.”


Lexi Riggle 

little girl smiling into the camera

Lexi is a double major in Theatre and Journalism at NJC. She hails from Broomfield, Colorado where she recently graduated from Northglenn High School. Lexi is a very musical person who enjoys singing and plays both the guitar and keyboard. She also has a passion for acting, art, and writing. Enjoy the original artwork from Lexi that is featured in the story “Pandora’s Box”.


Fernanda Rios.

Fernanda looking into the camera

“Nanda” is an Animal Science major from Pueblo, Colorado. Nanda is a superb college athlete and is currently on the NJC Women’s soccer team. She enjoys watching movies, drawing, and (of course) playing soccer.


Brendon Williams-Ransdell

Brendon is a Music Education Major at Northeastern Junior College. Hailing from Sterling, CO, Brenden enjoys "all things music and having a good time".