Area of Study


Equine Science Designation

Associate of Science

The equine science program at Northeastern Junior College offers a seamless opportunity for students to transfer to a four-year institutions equine program. This program consists of general education, agriculture, and equine science courses. The equine industry continues to see significant growth in Colorado and throughout the western united States with many job opportunities for graduates.

Program Learning Outcomes:  

  • Students will understand appropriate tools, tack and attire associated with the western horse training industry.
  • Students will understand industry accepted methods of ground work with horses, including but not limited to: catching, haltering, leading, longeing, and grooming.
  • Students will understand industry accepted methods of saddling, mounting and riding young horses within the first 90 days of training. This includes, but is not limited to: commonly accepted drills related to training horses with a western riding foundation.
  • Students should be able to understand the terminology associated with the western horse. This includes but not limited to: common names of equine body parts, common names of tack, and commonly accepted horse training terminology.
  • Students will be able to understand normal horse health, body condition, normal vital signs, common unsoundness, common illness, normal preventative healthcare and nutrition. This includes procedure for feeding appropriate volumes of forage, concentrates and water required by the horse.
  • Students will be able to understand common industry accepted equine reproduction techniques, practices, and terminology.
  • Student will be able to understand basic and common equine business practices, including but no limited to: creating a business plan, creating a marketing plan, creating cover letters and resumes as well as understand the economic impact of the horse industry in the United States and World Wide.
  • Students will properly communicate the above terminology and skills in a professional manner.

Core Classes

Course Description Credits
ASC102 Introduction to Equine Science 4
ASC230 Farm Animal Anatomy & Physiology 3
ASC288 Livestock Practicum 2
ASC250 Live Animal/Carcass Evaluation 3

Written Communication (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
ENG121 English Composition I:CO1 3
ENG122 English Composition II:CO2 3

Oral Communication (3 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
COM115 Public Speaking 3


Course Description Credits
MAT121 College Algebra : MA1 4
MAT125 Survey of Calculus: MA1 4
MAT135 Introduction to Statistics: MA1 3

Students need to choose 2 courses from this section.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
AGE102 Agriculture Economics: GT-SS1 3
ECO202 Principles of Microeconomics: SS1 3
AGR260 World Interdependence /Population/Food: SS3 3

Natural and Physical Sciences

Course Description Credits
BIO111 General College Biology I with Lab: SC1 5
CHE101 Introduction to Chemistry I with Lab: SC1 5
CHE111 General College Chemistry I with Lab: SC1 5

Two guaranteed transfer Arts & Humanities courses from (GT-AH1, GT-AH2, GT-AH3, GT-AH4)

Arts and Humanities (6 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
ART110 Art Appreciation: AH1 3
ART111 Art History Ancient to Medieval GT-AH1 3
ART112 Art History Renaissance to 1900:GT-AH1 3
ART207 Art History 1900 to Present 3
MUS120 Music Appreciation: AH1 3
MUS121 Music History Medieval to Classical: AH1 3
MUS122 Music History Romantic to Present: AH1 3
MUS123 Survey of World Music: GT-AH1 3
MUS125 History of Jazz: AH1 3
THE105 Theatre Appreciation: AH1 3
THE211 Development of Theatre: Greek Renaissance 3
HUM115 World Mythology: GT-AH2 3
HUM121 Humanities: Early Civ: AH2 3
HUM122 Humanities: Mediev-Mod: AH2 3
HUM123 Humanities: Modern Wrld: AH2 3
LIT115 Introduction to Literature I 3
LIT201 World Literature to 1600: AH2 3
LIT202 World Literature After 1600: AH2 3
LIT205 Ethnic Literature : AH2 3
LIT211 American Literature to Civil War: AH2 3
LIT212 American Literature After Civil War: AH2 3
LIT225 Introduction to Shakespeare: AH2 3
PHI111 Introduction to Philosophy: AH3 3
PHI112 Ethics:AH3 3
PHI113 Logic: AH3 3
PHI114 Comparative Religions: AH3 3
PHI214 Philosophy of Religion: AH3 3
PHI218 Environmental Ethics: AH3 3
SPA211 Spanish Language III: AH4 3
SPA212 Spanish Language IV : AH4 3

One GT Pathways History course (GT-HI1)

History (3 Semester Credits)

Course Description Credits
HIS101 Western Civilization:Antiquity-1650 HI1 3
HIS102 Western Civilization: 1650-Present HI1 3
HIS111 The World: Antiquity-1500: HI1 3
HIS112 The World: 1500-Present: HI1 3
HIS121 US History to Reconstruction: HI1 3
HIS122 US History since Civil War:HI1 3
HIS208 American Indian History 3
HIS225 Colorado History: HI1 3
HIS236 U.S. History Since 1945 3
HIS247 20th Century World History:HI1 3

Choose 6 elective credits plus either ASC288 or ASC250

Suggested Electives

Course Description Credits
ACC121 Accounting Principles I 4
AGE205 Farm and Ranch Management 3
AGE208 Agricultural Finance 3
AGE210 Agriculture Marketing 3
ASC250 Live Animal/Carcass Evaluation 3
ASC288 Livestock Practicum 2
CIS118 Introduction to PC Applications 3
ECO201 Principles of Macroeconomics: SS1 3