Students in Salon
Area of Study




Fall Freshman Year

Course Description Credits
COS103 Shampoos, Rinses & Conditioners I 1
COS110 Introduction: Hair Coloring 2
COS120 Introduction: Hair Cutting 2
COS130 Introduction: Hair Styling 2
COS140 Introduction: Chemical Texture 1
COS160 Introduction: Disinfection/Sanitation/Safety 2
COS111 Intermediate I Hair Coloring 2
COS121 Intermediate: Hair Cutting 2
COS131 Intermediate: Hair Styling 2
COS141 Intermediate: Chemical Texture 1
COS150 Laws, Rules, and Regulations 1
COS203 Shampoos, Rinses & Conditioners II 1
NAT110 Introduction to Manicures and Pedicures 3
NAT111 Intermediate Manicures and Pedicures 2
EST110 Introduction: Facials & Skin Care 3
EST111 Intermediate: Facials & Skin Care 2

Spring Freshman Year

Course Description Credits
COS210 Intermediate II: Hair Coloring 2
COS211 Advanced Hair Coloring 2
COS220 Intermediate II: Haircutting 2
COS230 Intermediate II:Hair Styling 2
COS240 Intermediate II: Chem Texture 1
COS250 Management/Ethics/Interpersonal Skills/Sales 1
COS260 Intermediate II: Disinfection/Sanitation/Safety 2
COS261 Advanced Disinfection/Sanitation/Safety 1
NAT210 Advanced Manicures & Pedicures 2
NAT211 Application-Artificial Nails 5
NAT290 Adv Nail Technician Studies 1
EST212 Hair Removal 3
MAN128 Human Relation-Organizations 3

Summer Term

Course Description Credits
COS211 Advanced Hair Coloring 2
COS231 Advanced Styling 1
COS241 Advanced Chemical Texture 1
EST210 Advanced Skin Care 2
EST211 Make-up 1