2019 Jump Start Class
Jump Start

Frequently Asked Questions

Jump Start is designed to provide an early start to college.  It is specifically for students who are unsure of themselves, are worried about their math or English skills, and want a little extra time to get settled in.  Students take one review course in math, Composition or English as a second language in addition to an Owning the College Experience class. These courses are designed to give students a jump start on their regular classes and quite a head start.
Students can live on campus and have their meals here during Jump Start.  For students who move in and eat here, the cost is $375.  For students who live locally, students will be charged a small fee for lunches.  
Students spend time getting to know each other, learning about campus and the community AND learning in a classroom setting. 
Yes, this program is focused on taking one of the tracks -- Composition, Math or ESL -- and using time in class to brush up and learn what will be expected at the college level. 
Sadly, no, there is not time.  It is best to choose the weakest content area and focus on that during Jump Start. 
Local students do not need to live on campus.  Students coming from out of town that are planning to live in the residence halls anyway, can move directly into their room and get settled before all the other students arrive.