Area of interest

Social & Behavioral Sciences / Human & Social Services

Northeastern offers studies in human behavior and social sciences that lead to four-year degrees and occupations across a spectrum of rewarding professions in public and private sector organizations.


1 Paths of Study
Anthropologists study humans, past and present. The Anthropology program is also a degree with designation, meaning, upon graduation, the student will be accepted as a third year student in the four-year schools in Colorado.

Criminal Justice

2 Paths of Study
This program is designed give students experiences through hands-on course work. Provide exposure to the inner workings of the criminal justice system through field trips, advanced technological applications, mock crime scenes, and guess speakers from within the field. 

Guaranteed Transfer Classes

6 Paths of Study
Classes in the Guaranteed Transfer list will transfer to Colorado Four-Year institutions

Political Science

1 Paths of Study
About half of all political scientists are employed by the federal government. Political scientists will continue to be needed in government to assess the impact of government.

Psychology (A.A and A.S)

3 Paths of Study
The Psychology program at Northeastern provides students to take a variety of classes that will build the foundation for a career in Behavioral Sciences. Northeastern offers both A.A and A.S in Psychology that will transfer out to 4-year colleges.