Area of interest


We offer a wide range of agriculture and horticulture programs while providing the most comprehensive offering of courses with over 75 selections.

Agriculture Business

4 Paths of Study
Why Agriculture Business instead of a general business degree? Business is a broad category, but employees who understand business as it relates to agriculture are in high demand.

Agriculture Business Management

7 Paths of Study
Agriculture Business Management allows for the opportunity of one-on-one instruction for beginning and/or experienced farmers, ranchers and agriculture business owners.

Agriculture Education

2 Paths of Study
Agricultural education lays the groundwork for students who aspire to be teachers with well-rounded knowledge of agriculture, food, natural resources and the technology used in modern agricultural production. Graduates of agricultural education are taught to help their students develop critical communication, leadership and management skills.

Animal Science

2 Paths of Study
The science and business of producing domestic livestock species, including but not limited to beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep and swine.


6 Paths of Study
Our programs range from equine pre-veterinary science to equine training to equine business management. The educational opportunities within the area are endless with an indoor facility, onsite stalling, hands-on experience in the classroom and in the arena.

Precision Agriculture

2 Paths of Study
The precision agriculture program at Northeastern focuses on variable rate technology and equipment including: planters, sprayers, and center pivots, as well as equipment guidance and steering, yield monitors, UAV’s, and more.

Production Agriculture

2 Paths of Study
Growing and marketing of plants and livestock. A thorough knowledge of marketing, management, and finance combined with production and mechanic skills prepares students for a career as an agricultural producer.

Soil and Crop Science

3 Paths of Study
The Soil & Crop Sciences degree teaches the wise use, management, and stewardship of soil, plant, and water resources by preparing students for careers in soil, plant, and environmentally related disciplines.