Digital Content

How Online Courses Work

Students interact with the instructor and other students through special course web sites developed using the Desire2Learn course platform.  Courses are not self-paced.  You must meet regular deadlines, but can complete your work any time of day or night.  

How To Register

You can register online, in person, or over the phone, but you must be admitted to the college first and take an assessment test.  For more information on the admission and registration process, see the Application and Registration  pages on our web page.

To register for online classes, we must have an email address. If you are a new student, please be sure to include your email address on your application.  If you are a continuing student, please read the instructions for entering an email address in our system.

Getting Started With Your Course

Enrolled students will be able to access online courses the day classes begin in that semester. Prior to this, you can see an overview of the course, including instructor contact information and required textbooks, by following the links under Course Schedules and Information.

To access your online course, please follow the links to set up your computer, determine your user name and password, and login. You must login to start the course -- your instructor will not contact you first.

If you've never taken an online course at Northeastern Junior College, we recommend coming to one of our orientation sessions.  The sessions are not required but can make a difference in your success as a student. Your orientation course will be available to you the first time you log into your classes on Desire2Learn. 

Course Syllabi and Information

Before courses begin, course information including required books, instructor email addresses, and test information are available by following the links under Course Schedules & Information.

Complete course syllabi will be available on specific course sites by the first day of class.  You must be enrolled to see the course site. Enrolled students may access course sites approximately four days prior to the semester start.


To see a list of required books, go to Course Schedules & Information and follow the links to individual course information.  If book information isn't posted, you can contact the bookstores for help. Books sent to students are charged a shipping fee.

Bookstore 970-521-6789

You must know your course and section number (e.g. ENG 090-H31) when requesting book information.  Required books for online courses are not always identical to required books for classroom courses. Some courses also require software, lab kits, tools, or other equipment. Be sure to check the syllabus for details.

Browser Requirements

Preferred browser for computers are Safari (Apple), Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Mobile device browsers are Safari (Apple), Puffin, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Class Meetings

Most online courses meet only online.  We also offer hybrid courses that mix online instruction with regular meetings on campus over the semester.  Meeting times are indicated in the course syllabus.


Most online courses administer exams through the computer however, some instructors require students to take exams on campus.  Note: a picture ID is required to take tests at campus testing centers.  If it is impossible to complete exams on a Northeastern campus, a testing proctor may be utilized.  You must contact your instructor for test proctoring options.

For specific questions about course content, contact the instructor.