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The Cosmetology Center is open from October through June. Regular and Summer hours are observed, however some special classes and final exams require the center to be closed for a time.

Appointments can be made by calling 970.521.6733. Walk-ins are welcome. Contact Julie Rhine with questions at  


Hair Treatments 
Shampoo/Set   $6.00 
Hair Cut (Includes Shampoo)   $6.00 
Scalp Treatments (Includes shampoo and style  $8.00 
Hair Reconstruction   $9.00 
       with style  $10.00
Perms   $30.00 
     Spiral Perm (Depending on Length)   Starting at $40.00 
     Semi-Permanent (Includes S/S)   $30.00 and up 
     Permanent (Includes S/S)   $30.00 and up 
     Foils & Highlights (depending on length)   starting at $30.00 
     Additional Colors  $5.00 each 
Updo or Hair Style   $10.00 
     Braids (includes shampoo)  $5.00 
     Cornrows  $10.00 and up 
Artificial Eyelashes   $15.00 
Plain Manicure  $5.00 
     Hot Oil  $6.00
     Spa   $8.00
     Nail Polished Changed   $4.00
     Nail Art   $2.00 and up
     Semi-permanent nail polish
     w/ manicure
Artificial Nails   $18.00
     Individual Nails   $2.00
     Rebase   $12.00 
Plain Pedicure   $10.00
     Spa   $15.00
Facial Only   $8.00
Facial with Mask   $15.00
Facial with Mask and Make-Up   $20.00
Hot Waxing 
Eyebrow Waxing   $5.00
Lip Waxing   $5.00
Chin Waxing   $5.00

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