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We are here to help you champion your way through course materials and other items needed for your classes. We are here to give you the best chance at successfully completing your courses.

Whether it is Northeastern on campus classes, Northeastern online/hybrid classes, or CCCOnline courses, ask us for any help and guidance that you may need to excel in the classes you choose.

Course Materials:

How do I find out what textbooks/course materials I will need for class?  Northeastern has an online book list that is posted each semester.    This list will let you know each 'required, optional, recommended, or no text required' for each class offered at Northeastern. 

Find my Course Materials

How can I order my textbooks from the Northeastern Bookstore?  You can pre-order your textbooks, by calling the bookstore at 970.521.6789.  Please have your schedule and debit/credit card available.  The student can either pick them up from the bookstore or have them mailed.

Can I use financial aid to pay for my course materials?  Once a student's tuition, fees, and room and board, if applicable, are paid for, a student can use any amount left to cover expenses incurred in the Northeastern Bookstore.  You simply obtain a Bookstore Promissory Note first, from the Cashier"s Office, to use as your form of payment.

Textbook Buyback Information:

After each semester is completed at Northeastern, you may find that you do not have a need to keep your textbook(s).  Textbook Buybacks is your opportunity to sell your books back to us.  It is not too often that you get to purchase an item you need, use it for the time frame that you need, and then sell it back when you are done with it.

Buyback occurs at the end of the term.  Textbook Buybacks are always conducted in the Northeastern Bookstore the last two days of finals week.  Typically the Thursday and Friday of finals week.  The earlier you sell your books back, the more they will be worth and the more likely it is that we will buy them.

No matter where you purchased your textbooks, the Northeastern Bookstore will buy them back.  Just make sure they are not a textbook that you rented from somewhere else, you won't want to sell those back.

It is instant cash in hand.  Textbook Buybacks is the best time to get top dollar for your books.  It also allows the bookstore to buy them back at a lesser cost, which reduces the cost of textbooks for future students.

We have Textbook Buybacks available year-round online.  We realize that all students may not be able to sell their books back the two days that we conduct the on-campus buy.  So, you can sell your books back any time.  We also can make special arrangements within the bookstore, for students who are not able to attend.  Just stop by the Northeastern Bookstore for details.

Sell my books

The price we offer is based on the books future value.  A book is more valuable if our professor has selected it for the next term.  The value is also based on if it is in saleable condition.  Demand for the book, current edition status, expired access code and the number of copies we already have in stock also helps determines the value.

Textbook Return Policy:

  • Please keep your receipt!  No course materials can be returned or exchanged without a valid receipt.
  • All textbooks returns must be made in the first three days of the semester.
  • Textbooks can be returned/exchanged at any time, with a drop slip, for that course, from the Records Office.
  • All shrink wrapped materials, must be un-opened in order to return or exchange.
  • All used, scratched-off, broken-sealed, or opened access codes are non-returnable.
  • The Northeastern Bookstore tries to accommodate most students with their return/exchange needs.  Please, always check with our staff, to see if there is a way to help with your return needs.


Heather Brungardt
Director of Bookstore Services/Executive Alumni Director
Hays Student Center
Heather Brungardt