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Vision 2020

Strategic Plan for Northeastern Junior College

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to introduce and share the latest version of the Northeastern Junior College strategic plan. “Vision 2020” outlines the guiding principles, key strategies and goals for Northeastern for the next several years.

You will note that we are holding to our vision of being Colorado’s premier two-year college of choice. We know that such a vision/goal cannot be easily achieved or reached, but we remain committed to the success of our students in terms of their time at Northeastern and beyond our classrooms. When we are at our best, we assure the success of the most important person on campus – our students. We know we can be that premier college that northeastern Colorado can be proud to call their institution of higher learning.

When you establish lofty goals, you require and expect great commitment, diligence and service toward those goals. Vision 2020 sets the standards and the employees of Northeastern Junior College are ready, willing and able to meet the challenge.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to the numerous Northeastern employees that took a very active role in developing and writing Vision 2020. Every department on campus was involved and engaged in the process of setting the standards and expectations for our future. I’m proud of them and the product they produced.

To our current and future students, our community, and the employees of Northeastern Junior College, I ask that you hold onto this document and refer to it often. It represents our commitment to all of you that Northeastern will be the best college in Colorado.


Jay A. Lee, President
Northeastern Junior College

Vision 2020

The Strategic Plan for Northeastern Junior College




Northeastern Junior College is committed to developing excellence in our students by instilling knowledge, advancing skills, and providing opportunities to transfer and enter the workforce successfully.


To be Colorado’s premier two-year college of choice.


Northeastern believes the student is the most important person on campus.


Transform the Student Experience

Guiding Principles

True to its mission, Northeastern strives to transform its student experience by:

  • Providing excellence in learning and teaching for transfer, career and technical education, and personal enrichment.
  • Enhancing student success and retention by providing comprehensive support services and activities.
  • Offering students opportunities to become well-rounded individuals, embrace diversity, and develop leadership skills.

Key Strategies

  • Devise and implement a curriculum review process to identify and implement new programs of study, as well as assess current programs and recommend changes.
  • Implement a Freshman Seminar/First Year Experience program by Fall 2016
  • Expand the Peer-Led Tutoring
  • Expand Intrusive Advising
  • Expand  the general well-being, health, and personal growth services provided to our students

Transform Our Own Workforce Experience

Guiding Principles

Northeastern believes that its mission, vision, and philosophy can only be achieved with a group of individuals dedicated to this purpose.  To be successful the college strives to:

  • Attract and retain quality employees and provide for their professional growth.
  • Develop a workforce that reflects diversity.
  • Acknowledge the value of its employees.
  • Prepare, support, and develop future leaders for the college.

Key Strategies

  • Review existing hiring practices and identify best practices to attract and retain quality employees and promote diversity.
  • Devise and implement a structured mentoring program for all new employees.
  • Increase the number of employees participating in professional development programs.
  • Expand the performance planning process to include goals for building skills necessary for advancement.
  • Devise a system that rewards and recognizes employee accomplishments and loyalty.

Create education without barriers through transformational partnerships.

Guiding Principles

Northeastern is committed to actions that:

  • Promote the college in a way that enhances enrollment and builds relationships with alumni and donors.
  • Develop relationships and partnerships that enrich the region and contribute cultural, educational, and social experiences for our students and citizens.

Key Strategies

  • Develop a comprehensive public relations campaign supporting the enrollment, partnership, and the public and private resource development goals of the college.
  • Partner with area high schools to provide two-way interactive instruction that expands high school course offerings and align concurrent enrollment coursework with credential completion options.
  • Develop articulation and related agreements with 4-year institutions to offer upper-level coursework to our students.

Redefine our value proposition through accessibility, affordability, quality, accountability, resource development, and operational excellence.

Guiding Principles

Northeastern believes that in fulfilling its mission, vision and philosophy it must:

  • Assess institutional effectiveness, strive for continuous improvement, and operate with integrity and accountability.
  • Acquire, maintain, and improve college resources and facilities to provide an aesthetic and efficient collegiate environment.
  • Provide leading technology for instruction and operations.

Key Strategies

  • Develop and implement a predictive and descriptive analytics tool to inform the decision making process and assess institutional effectiveness.
  • Increase enrollment by at least one percent annually.
  • Develop a facilities master plan identifying the large scale facility needs, small scale renewals and improvements, and technology needs.