2022 Annual Security And Fire Safety Report

Section 4: Access, Maintenance, and Physical Security of Campus Facilities

The College wishes to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, employees and visitors. The NJC campus and facilities are private property and the people that are allowed on campus are determined by their need to be there. Student and staff carrying a current NJC Identification Card are welcome and expected to use the campus buildings, parking and property. There are well-defined rules and procedures for use and access to all campus property. Visitors to our campus are expected to abide by the college rules to make their visit enjoyable and productive. Visitors can obtain a Student Handbook and campus map at Hays Student Center 113 during the regular workdays and hours.

Visitors must have a resident accompany them while in the building. All residence halls are locked twenty-four hours a day and access is granted only to residents, staff and accompanied visitors. Residents are urged not to compromise this critical security procedure and not allow anyone to enter a residence hall without properly checking in. Residents are accountable for their guests, their conduct and the use and access to their contracted room. Non-residents will not be allowed into the Residence halls after 11 p.m. unless prior arrangements have been made with the respective Residence Hall Director. Residents are responsible for the security of their own room and possessions and are urged to lock room doors at all times. Unknown and unaccompanied people in a residence hall should be reported immediately to hall staff, security or the city police.

All non-residential buildings, classroom buildings, administration, student center and events center have posted and normal working hours. Anyone violating those hours is subject to trespass. Community events with a facility reservation are approved for access only to those buildings/rooms reserved. All non-college events on campus are urged to have at least one NJC staff person present with knowledge of phones, emergency material and equipment for the facility reserved.