September, 2018 Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act Biennial Review of AOD Programs at NJC

Northeastern Junior College
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September, 2018 Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act Biennial Review of AOD Programs at NJC

September, 2018 Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act Biennial Review of AOD Programs at NJC

Steve Smith - Vice President of Student Services

Why Northeastern conducts a Biennial Review

This review allows Northeastern to stay in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. The signed review is housed in the Office of the Vice President of Student Services in the Hays Student Center at Northeastern Junior College. The on-line version can be accessed at

This is also where all of our campus documents and policies are located, including the NJC Student Handbook, which contains all of the rules, procedures, and sanctions for alcohol and drug offenses. The campus safety report and the crime statistics report can also be found at the Northeastern publications web link.

This review covers the period from August 2016 through August 2018. The review panel is as follows:

Review Panel:

Ronda Bowey, Director of Concurrent Enrollment & Student Success

Cindy Carey, Counselor

Brant Davis, Residence Hall Director

Marci Henry, Director of Athletics/Events Center

Steve Smith, Vice President of Student Services

The panel collected the data and information in the review by year-round documentation of programs and reports, by information gathered for the Campus Safety Report, by Clery data, and by department records.

Conducted Compliance Checklist

  1. Institution does maintain a description of the Northeastern alcohol and drug prevention program in the Student Services office.
  2. The institution does provide annually to each employee and each full time student that is taking classes for academic credit written materials that meet the requirements for compliance. A copy of this document is on file and is updated every year. We include an insert in the first bill mailing.
  3. The HR department distributes information to all new employees through campus email and campus mail. Updated information is regularly distributed to faculty and staff via email announcements, web postings, and in-service workshops.
  4. The Vice President of Student Services has responsibility for conducting the biennial review of Northeastern’s drug and alcohol prevention program to determine effectiveness, implement necessary changes and ensure that disciplinary sanctions are enforced. This is done, in part, through a review of disciplinary records to assess effectiveness of disciplinary sanctions imposed on students.
  5. The biennial review document is stored in the Vice President of Student Services office.

Conducted review of AOD program using the Supplemental Checklist

Statement of Northeastern’s AOD Program goals and description how we achieve those goals:

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Education program at Northeastern provides multiple levels of influence for better decision making on the part of students and staff to keep healthy, safe and out of legal difficulty regarding alcohol/drug use. The Student Services units of Counseling and Student Life provide a variety of educational programs to the campus. The Student Services judicial area utilizes a system of educational sanctions regarding violations of the zero tolerance for alcohol use on the campus. The Northeastern Athletic program supports a drug-testing program with education and counseling. The administration has supportive relationships with local law enforcement to assist in managing on and off campus activities. Faculty and staff all play an ongoing support role in their leadership and interaction with students.


Create a campus community that is conducive to academic and personal success by providing a comprehensive AOD prevention program consisting of the following program elements: