September, 2018 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Biennial Review of AOD Programs at NJC

Description of AOD Program Elements (Areas of Environmental Interventions)

1. Alcohol Free Options

Our campus is alcohol free, largely because most students who attend and live in our residence halls are not 21 years old. The Student Activities and Residential Life areas of the campus create and promote alcohol free event and activities throughout the year. The 25+ clubs on campus promote student service learning and student leadership opportunities. We have a very active intramural program and Event Center with aerobic and fitness center facilities that are heavily used by students and employees. The Event Center offers extended hours and residence halls have student-gathering areas after hours. Athletic competitive events are attended by many students as well as theatrical and musical productions, and other campus activities.

2. Normative Environment

The college promotes a healthy, alcohol free image to new students with expectations set out as part of all orientation programs. The academic schedule offers core classes on Mondays through Fridays; very few on Saturdays.

All residence halls are substance free and enforce a zero tolerance for under-age drinking or marijuana use. The campus encourages high academic standards and faculty and staff engage in high levels of contact with students. There are programming efforts conducted throughout the year by RA’s and the Peer Helper program that address education about misperceptions of drinking norms. The Peer Helper group serves as mentors to other students. Student leadership on our campus promotes positive, healthy norms. Any student in a leadership role is required to adhere to a leadership code of conduct. Pro health messages are a part of ongoing programming by Student Life & Counseling. S.A.R.A. House (Sexual Assault Resource Advocates) also ties in alcohol and drug use to their sexual assault prevention programs. Regular messages regarding information about alcohol appear in the NJC Porcelain Press, a bi-weekly publication that is posted in all campus restrooms.

3. Alcohol/Marijuana Availability

Alcohol & marijuana are banned on campus. Marijuana is legal for use in the State of Colorado for persons over the age of 21. However, because NJC is covered under federal law, alcohol and marijuana possession and use is banned on campus. The number and concentration of alcohol outlets near campus are limited. There are no marijuana dispensaries in Sterling or Logan County at this time. The number and concentration of alcohol outlets near campus are limited.

4. Alcohol/Marijuana Marketing and Promotion

Alcohol/marijuana advertising on campus is prohibited and non-existent. No advertising is allowed on campus bulletin boards. We currently do not limit or prohibit the sale of shot glasses and beer mugs in the NJC bookstore.

5. Policy Development and Enforcement

We believe the AOD prevention program in conjunction with consistent enforcement of AOD policies on campus have been very good. Local law enforcement departments are partners in enforcement of underage drinking violations on campus. This has resulted in very few second violations. The community police are vigilant about MIP and DUI enforcement. Periodic undercover operations are used at retail alcohol outlets. All first year residence hall and commuter students are required to participate in the on-line Alcohol-Wise alcohol awareness and prevention program prior to arriving to NJC in the fall. Alcohol-Wise  addresses consequences of under-aged and abusive drinking in college.

The residence halls conduct orientation programs and also invite community and campus presenters into their hall for presentations/ educational programs. Sanctions for AOD violations may include completing various self-assessments that are used in a required session with counselor. These assessments include Check-Up to Go, Alcohol Pop Quiz, and others.

The Athletic department holds athletes accountable to alcohol/drug free living. Random drug testing occurs with coaches providing the sanctions. There is a set policy that the Athletic department follows regarding AOD issues.