Northeastern Junior College
Safety & Security

Incident Reporting

Incident and Student Complaint Reporting: Students, Faculty and Staff can and should enter complaints or reports as required.

Incident and Student Complaint Reporting

Any Student may, and is encouraged - to create either a Complaint form or an Incident Report, depending on the severity of an issue. Always dial 911 in the event of a life threatening situation. Immediately contact an RA, Housing Director, the Student Services Office or Campus Safety & Security if you have questions, or if the issue is of a serious nature. Faculty and Staff should create an Incident Report following the same guidelines.

Writing an Incident Report or a Complaint Form

When writing a report, be sure to include the following elements, When, Who, What, Where, How and Why. Write the narrative in step by step story form, from the beginning to the end, being sure to include these elements and as many relevant details as possible. Remember that writing a formal report means that it may become a legal document which can be used in court. Review your narrative for content, grammar and spelling, ask others that you trust for their input during this review, but also remember to keep to keep personal information confidential.

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