Pandemic Plan

Reducing the spread of the virus.

  • Upon notification that a potential outbreak of a pandemic is occurring within the United States the Team will do the following:
    • Set up prominent notices at all entry points to instruct employees, students and visitors not to enter the building if they are symptomatic.
    • Informational postings will be placed around the school (including entrances, notice boards, meeting rooms and restrooms) to educate employees, students, and visitors on how to stop the spread of the virus. Notices will contain information regarding hand hygiene, covering coughs and sneezes, and student spacing.
    • Ensure adequate supplies of hand sanitizing gels, disinfectant hand soaps and disinfectant cleaning supplies are available for employees and students.
    • Require the Marketing & Communications office to make available to employees and students a pandemic fact sheet containing information regarding stopping the spread of the virus and performing effective student spacing.
    • Will instruct that all shared work areas (such as desktops, tables, door knobs, stair rails, etc.) be cleaned with a disinfectant at least daily, and preferably more often if possible. 
    • Consult with CCCS and prepare NJC Administration and Maintenance to function with 30% of the workforce potentially absent.
    • Consult with NE Colorado Health Department and prepare Northeastern Administration to implement policies and procedures for containment measures (canceling sports events and other mass gatherings).
    • Consult with and prepare Northeastern Administration to consider the implementation of alternative procedures to assure continuity of instruction, (i.e. distance learning methods (web-based, D2L, iPads, smart devices, laptop computers) in the event of large numbers of absenteeism or college closure. 
    • Consult with and prepare Northeastern Administration as a result of information received by local and state public health officials, and dependent upon the significance of the outbreak, considering if and/or when Northeastern will close.
    • Consult with and prepare Northeastern Administration to implement Student Spacing protocols (social distancing). [Student spacing refers distancing individuals and strategies to reduce the spread of the virus between people.]
      • Education on student spacing should be distributed to all employees and students. 
      • Student spacing strategies may include:
        • Space students 4-6 feet apart, in small pods or clusters.
        • Discourage prolonged congregation in hallways, cafeteria, etc. Closure of TV, lounge rooms, common spaces.
        • Limit or eliminate group activities and interaction.
        • Cancel school activities that place individuals in close proximity.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Disinfection of shared work areas, counters, railings, door knobs and openers, stair rails, elevator buttons, and public telephones should be performed more frequently during the pandemic.
  • Filters of the HVAC systems should be cleaned and changed more frequently.
  • Telephones should not be shared whenever possible. Shared phones should be cleaned frequently by the users.
  • Computer keyboards and mice should not be shared whenever possible. Shared computer keyboards and mouse should be cleaned / disinfected between each user using recommended treated wipes. (NOTE: Free liquids should not be used on electrical equipment. Use cleaning materials recommended by the equipment manufacturers.)
  • Where operationally possible, during the day increase ventilation to the facilities to decrease spread of disease.  Use outside air for spaces with no  air conditioning.

Educating Students/Staff to Eliminate Concern

  • Recognizing that there will be anxiety regarding the pandemic activities that may contribute to increased absenteeism and/or increased distress to staff, the Team will address this by:
    • Education of, and appropriate communication to, employees and students.
    • As more information becomes available, provide timely updates to employees   and students.
    • As needed, communicate with local resources and local public health services the need to provide access to available support mechanisms, (for example: mental health, social services and faith based resources.)

Managing Illness in Staff, Students or Visitors

  • Communications will post information on what to do if people get sick while at Northeastern.
  • Northeastern will educate staff and students regarding symptoms of illness.
  • If a person becomes ill, or if someone observes that another person is symptomatic at work/school; the ill person will be instructed to leave Northeastern facilities as soon as possible.
  • Ill persons should be encouraged to seek medical care.  
  • Educate staff and students regarding standard guidelines for staying home and when they may return to school.