Northeastern Junior College 2023-2024 Catalog

Guaranteed Transfer Courses - Physical and Life Sciences

Physical and Life Sciences (SC1) 
AGY 2140 Introductory Soil Science5
ANT 1005 Biological Anthropology4
AST 1110 Planetary Astronomy5
AST 1120 Stellar Astronomy II5
BIO 1004 Biology:  A Human Approach5
BIO 1005 Science of Biology w/Lab4
BIO 1111 General College Biology w/Lab5
BIO 1112 General College Biology II w/Lab5
BIO 2101 Human Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab4
BIO 2102 Human Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab4
BIO 2104 Microbiology w/Lab4
BIO 2108 General College Microbiology w/Lab5
BIO 2120 General Zoology w/Lab4
BIO 2121 Botany w/Lab4
BIO 2124 Genetics4
CHE 1011 Introduction to Chemistry I w/Lab4
CHE 1012 Introduction to Chemistry II w/Lab4
CHE 1005 Chemistry in Context w/Lab4
CHE 1111 General College Chemistry I w/Lab4
CHE 1112 General College Chemistry II w/Lab5
ENV 1111 Intro to Environmental Science w/Lab4
GEO 1011 Physical Geography - Land forms w/Lab5
GEO 1012 Physical Geography - Weather & Climate w/Lab5
GEY 1111 Physical Geology w/Lab5
GEY 1112 Historical Geology w/Lab5
GEY 1135 Environmental Geology w/Lab5
MET 1050 General Meteorology w/Lab4
NRE 2051 General Oceanography I w/Lab4
PHY 1105 Conceptual Physics w/Lab4
PHY 1107 Energy Science & Technology w/Lab (AA & AGS ONLY)4
PHY 1111 Physics: Algebra-Based I w/Lab5
PHY 1112 Physics:  Algebra-Based II w/Lab5
PHY 2111 Physics:  Calculus-Based I w/Lab5
PHY 2112 Physics:  Calculus-Based II w/Lab5
SCI 1055 *Integrated Science I (AA & AGS ONLY)4
SCI 1056 *Integrated Science II (AA & AGS ONLY)4

*Note: SCI1055 & SCI1056 must both be taken to fulfill the Physical and Life Science requirement. If only one is taken, it will not fulfill a general education requirement.

Physical & Life Sciences (SC2) 
AST 1150 Astrobiology (AA & AGS ONLY)3
AST 1140 Astronomy Ancient Cultures3
AST 1160 Cosmology (AA & AGS ONLY)3
BIO 1003 Principles of Animal Biology (AA & AGS ONLY)3
BIO 1016 Intro to Human Disease (AA & AGS ONLY)3
ENV 1010 Natural Disasters (AA & AGS ONLY)3
GEY 1108 Geology of National Parks (AA & AGS ONLY)3
SCI 1105 Science in Society (AA & AGS ONLY)3