Northeastern Junior College offers new accelerated business programs

Program allows working adults to earn certificates, degrees in faster time.

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June 27, 2023 at 10:57 a.m.

July 27, 2023
From Left to Right: Northeastern Junior College’s Andrea Orin (Director of Student Success), Kelly Kuntz (Education to Career Coordinator), Marylu Smith Dischner (Yuma Campus Director) and Sam Soliman (Vice President of Academic Affairs) enrolled students for courses on Friday at a fall registration open house in Yuma.

Yuma, Colorado – Northeastern Junior College in Yuma hosted its Fall Registration Open House on Friday, June 24. Gorditas Chihuahuas y Mas provided Mexican food to those in attendance.

“We’re excited about building our presence in Yuma by offering more college courses to current high school students, recent graduates, and working adults,” said Sam Soliman, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Starting in June, Northeastern launched its new accelerated business program in Yuma, catering to working adults.

“Time is a precious commodity for working adults, and I wanted NJC to offer courses that allow them to earn certificates and a degree in a faster time than traditional formats. This spring, I had the goal to design a program here in Yuma where students could earn their associate degree in 12 months. After weeks of working with Marylu Smith Dischner, our Business faculty, Vanessa Soliz, who leads our Finish What You Started program, and Veronica Koehn, Director of Academic Excellence, we created such a program,” Soliman said.

Marylu Smith-Dischner, NJC Yuma Campus Coordinator, is also a bilingual business teacher. In June, she began teaching a 5-week introductory college computer course.  “It’s so great to have support from NJC’s main campus, and I know our campus will grow. I’m proud to teach the first course of this new program and excited to have such an enthusiastic and diverse class. The dynamics between everyone is fantastic.”

Veronica Koehn, Ph.D., is teaching Business Communications, a five-week college course that began June 24 and runs on Saturdays. “It’s great to be teaching accelerated business courses in Yuma to those who are seeking business and accounting certificates or their associate degree; I have an excellent group of students that range from working adults to those in high school who hope to earn their degree by the time they graduate.”

Soliman said, “I know that driving to another campus that is one or three hours away is draining on a person’s time and energy, and taking online courses is difficult with the lack of personal face-to-face interaction and support; I hope that those who live in Yuma and nearby take advantage of this accelerated program and other opportunities NJC offers here.”

Starting on July 11, NJC will offer a 5-week Intro to Business college course on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:45 to 8:45 p.m. Beginning on Aug. 5, a five-week Business Ethics college course will run on Saturdays.

For more information on how to enroll in upcoming business courses, contact Marylu Smith Dischner at 970-526-5121,, or visit her at the NJC Yuma at 910 S. Main Street.

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