Eighteen students earn Associate of Nursing Degrees

Eighteen students at Northeastern Junior College were honored during a virtual pinning ceremony to officially become associate-degree nurses. Participating in the highly regarded, historical ceremony, Julie Brower, director of nursing programs, had the honor of placing the pin on their collars for this special occasion. The pinning was followed with the presentation of a symbolic yellow rose, cheers and best wishes from the nursing faculty.

July 15, 2020
2020 Associate Degree Nursing graduates

The virtual ceremony was filled with inspiration, hope and encouragement for self-care as the students enter the workforce. “Take this next year full of challenges and opportunities very seriously, be sure to take care of yourself,” said Julie Brower. “Your first nursing position is full of opportunities for development and to further your knowledge base. You will look back at nursing school [it was effortless] compared to all I’m learning this first year.”

The nursing students were addressed by Kimberly Lind, RN, emergency room nurse at Sterling Regional Medical Center and clinical instructor for Northeastern, who gave words of encouragement and advice to the graduates. “Nursing is a highly skilled profession that is about a holistic approach,” said Kimberly. “Looking at the patient and taking what you see, hear, feel and smell. Taking that information and collaborating with the health care team as a whole to develop a plan to help that patient to a state of health and healing.”

During the ceremony, Amber Wade, was honored with the coveted Best Bedside Nurse award, presented each year by the Lions Club of Sterling. This award is very special as the recipient is chosen by the nursing faculty who work with the students in the clinical setting. This individual is awarded for demonstrating the best patient care and compassion while being trained as a nurse. Amber is not only kind, but compassionate for the needs of her patient and will go the extra mile in meeting those needs.

The Highest Academic Average award, present by the Rotary Club of Sterling, went to Denise Beaman, who earned a 4.0 GPA while in the nursing program. Denise is dedicated to learning and places very high demands on herself. She always strives for excellence.

Graduates in the 2020 Associate Degree of Nursing include: Kelsey L. Adams, Sterling, Colo.; Annabelle Arteaga, Greeley, Colo.; Emma Auger, Kremmling, Colo.; Laura J. Bacon, Sterling, Colo.; Denise E. Beaman, Littleton, Colo.; Angelica M. Cardenas, Bennett, Colo.; Carolyn V. Cole, Sterling, Colo.; Jazmin Fuyivara Del Rio, Sterling, Colo.; Christina S. Gerken, Keenesburg, Colo.; RAndee Hochmiller, LaSalle, Colo.; Shelby I. Kuntz, Sterling, Colo.; Meserel Nigussie, Denver, Colo.; Carlie M. Rosa, Sterling, Colo.; Samantha Schell, Sterling, Colo.; Amber S. Wade, Yuma, Colo.; Kim Trout, Merino, Colo.; Shalyn Williams, Sterling, Colo.; and Vitaly Zagidulin, Sterling, Colo.

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