Northeastern Extends its Spring Break Through Mar. 28 to Prepare for Teaching Classes Remotely

While no COVID-19 cases have appeared on campus to date, Northeastern is implementing plans to minimize potential spread of the virus among students, faculty and staff

March 12, 2020

Northeastern Junior College today announced it is extending its spring break for students one additional week in order to solidify preparations to minimize potential spread of COVID-19 infections on campus through the end of the school year.

“We need to take this pandemic situation very seriously, and just as our sister institutions throughout the Colorado Community College System are doing,” said Jay A. Lee, president of Northeastern. “We are notifying students of the one-week extension to spring break, and are actively working on plans to provide online and distance learning for students to complete their courses in the weeks ahead, and potentially through the end of the spring semester.”

Students in residence halls who are leaving campus for spring break are being urged not to return to campus before Sunday, March 29. Faculty will be returning to campus the week of March 23 to solidify respective plans for teaching their classes to students using distance learning technologies.

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